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I started the pill for the first time on a Sunday when my period started. I went almost that full week taking it at 7am, then on Friday of that week was late at took it at 9:30pm. The next day I was late again and took it at about 8pm. Today, Sunday, a week after I started I took the pill at the normal time 7am, but my boyfriends condom broke while we were having sex and he came inside of me. I have no idea what to do, and I'm going to try to get Plan B but what are the chances I'm pregnet? ALSO, I'm on the combination pill. PLEASE HELP.
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Even on the "pill" there is the slight possibility to become pregnant. Always use condoms that have a spermacidal. It kills the sperm. Making it less possible to get pregnant in case the condom breaks. If you miss your period take a pregnancy test. If it shows negative then do not stress cause mental stress CAN affect your body. Always take your pill right after you get up in the morning. Best way to remeber is to set the px by a place that you use every morning. Like the bathroom. Have a cup just for water to take the pill. It doesnt matter what time of the day you take it that i am aware of... but it helps to take it regularly so you get into the habit and it is a you know for sure you took you px schedule. You can also set a alarm on your cell phone with a note to remind you of the pill. Just do not stress. It can affect your menstal cycle. Stress is not healthy for alot of health issues. If a home pregnancy test says your not and you go another week late then go to the health department and ask for a test. Also its suppose to be free for a std test. Always do that once a yr to make sure you are healthy. Hope my advice helps.
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There's always a chance you could be pregnant even when you are taking you birth control properly!  

It happened to me when I was 19, and I was terrified. I ran out and got an abortion, and has been one of the biggest regrets of my life ever since. They never tell you how emotionally hard it is after the abortion. They never tell you about all the nightmares!

Look, even if you do get pregnant - please keep your baby. You can always give your baby up for adoption, but dont just run out and get an abortion. You really will regret it later if you do.

Hope everything works out ok with your birth control.
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