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is cliane birth control? help, worried i'm taking wrong pill

I used to use loestrin 30 in England but now I live in Chile where it doesn't exist. I asked a friends relative, who is a pharmacist which I should use as they don't have one with the exact same ingredients and dose and he told me to use Cliane. It has the same components but in different measures. When I bought it the pharmacist said it was for menopause but when I asked her to confirm if it was birth control she said something along the lines of "uh..yeah...if your doctor told you to get this". I also asked my friend to check the leaflet (as it was all in spanish) to confirm and he glanced at it and said yes.
However when I looked it up to find out more info I could only find mention of it as HRT and one page said it was not a contraceptive. Someone please help me, I don't know what to do as I have been taking it for a week already. Is it suitable as a contraceptive? If not, should i stop immediately or continue until the course is over? What should I be taking instead?

I also don't have health insurance or money for a doctors appointment so that isn't an option. Plus I don't trust going to the doctor for advice because I still misunderstand things in spanish.

Advice would be much appreciated
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This is weird because I looked it up in English and you're right it says it's for HRT and shouldn't be used for birth control. I'm not sure why that is because I always assumed hrt was just a different dose of the same stuff that's in birth control pills.

You definitely need clarification here. Is it possible for you to call your last doctor from before you moved to Chile to ask about it? That would be my first step. But I'm sure there have to be doctors in Chile who speak English like at hospitals or something. I would look for a doc who speaks English,  preferably an ob/gyn, so that you could get some advise.
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My last doctor was just the one at my university and so I don't have any contact details and not sure how I would get hold of them. I don't have any health insurance and i am really financially struggling at the moment so i can't go to the doctor. There would probably be a doctor somewhere in my city that speaks english but finding one would be a matter of luck and I don't think you get to choose really, unless i went to the most expensive private clinic.
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