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is yaz and yasmin the same I was told they are different?

I just started to take yasmin not yaz and hope this helps me. I have been off the pill for years. I had no luck with the copper iud for 4 years hormone free but the bleeding never go less and the duration never did either. The nuva ring  made me depressed tried that for 4 mnths after the iud.  I am 39 and my hormones are changing greatly my which they say can happen at this age. my normal periods all my life are changing to every 21 day last period came 109 days later. My GYNsuggeseted the pill. Even though I am against hormones. But my syptoms were so bad I am desperate. Mood swings, irritability, low sex drive, trouble sleeping, weight gain, confusion, hard to focus etc etc. I feel like I have all the syptoms of peri-menopause but my she claims there is no way to accurately check my hormones as they change daily and hourly. I feel hopeless so she mentioned that studies have shown the pill and also anxiety and depression meds can help the hormonal changes and regulate my moods and newly changing menstural cycle. I was so looking forward to turning 40 up until 5 months ago when my mood just shifted. I hope this gets better  Thanks appreciate any info    
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Last week i was also prescribed yazmin but i had wanted yaz but my doctor told me it is the same thing. And I would get the same effects of it. I have had many of friend try this pill and have gotten great results. So i hope this question help and good luck!!!
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Yaz and Yasmin are different. They work the same, but they are still different pills. Im on Yasmin and it wroks fine
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