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serious birth control problems

Ok so I sumtimes forget to take my pill b4 sleep, & my gynocologist told me 2 just take 2 the next night .. but I forget like 5 times a month.. and then my period messes up , & I never take them around the same time latley .. & I'm sexually active .. is there a chance I could get pregnant still.. cause I still take them .. just sometimes I have to double up .. and also sometimes I get my period wen I already started the new pack.. its so messed up , I don't know what to do,  do I still take the new pack wen I start my period tht late ? Won't it mess up mi next period
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If you were my patient, I would try to convince you to give another method a try.  The Ortho Evra patch only has to be changed weekly, and the
Nuva Ring only has to be changed monthly  There are other options too such as the insert by Implanon or the IUD by Mirena.
tt doesnt sound like pills are going to work fo you.
Good luck!
Dr B                                              
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