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Extremely Irregular Periods After Taking Mylan (Progestin Pills)

So I took Levora from the age of like 14 through 26 (I went off of it around age 23 and got pregnant shortly after so I didn't get back on it until I stopped breastfeeding). I started getting my period very young (age 9) and I don't recall them being too irregular. Normally they'd be about 28 - 32 days in between periods. So a little irregular but still not too irregular. They were also always very heavy and painful, hence why my mother opted to put me on Levora. I loved the Levora because it regulated my periods to 28 days apart like clockwork and also alleviated the heavy flow and cramps. Even when I went off of it for a few months my period remained regular.

Well I was forced to get off of it at age 27 after a blood test came back and showed I have Prothrombin Thrombophilia, a genetic disorder that increases my risk of blood clots. I never had issues with blood clots in the past but I was advised to get off Levora as it can increase the risk of clots. They put me on Mylan which is a progestin pill, which is apparently safer and doesn't pose a blood clotting risk. Well I was only on the Mylan for a couple months and I hated it. My period became extremely irregular and extremely heavy and painful. I decided to get off of it and give my cycle time to reset.

Well I haven't been on any sort of birth control for a good six months now and my period is still super irregular. I've been skipping whole months. Sometimes it'll come on the 30th day of my cycle, sometimes they'll come 7 weeks apart, etc. It's impossible to track. I've talked to my doctor and they said unfortunately they can't put me on any sort of birth control that will regulate my period without running the increased risk of blood clotting. I either have to select an option that will get rid of my period entirely (like the shot or IUD) or just stick with the progestin pills.

Has this happened to anyone else? Will my period ever regulate again?
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