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Stopping pill one day early to shift period start day

Hello all,

I have been taking Yasminelle for about 10 months now. Back when I started, I took my first pill on a Sunday, cause I hoy my period. Every month, I stop taking them on a Sunday and my period usually comes on a Wednesday, so it usually stops on a Saturday.

Would there be any problems if this month I dont take my last one (Saturday) so my period comes on a Tuesday instead on Wednesday and I am period-free for the whole weekend? This period would be 27 days instead of 28. Will stopping the pill one day early mess with my cycles?

Thank you
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Hi,  this is done pretty commonly.  Manipulating when you get your period for special occasions when taking the pill.  Makes me a little nervous myself though.  Did you do it?  How did it go?  Any issues?
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Hello, thank you for your reply. Yes, I did do it un the end and it caused no problem whatsoever. I had a 27-day cycle that month and the following one has been completely normal (and it started on a Wednesday!) I had my regular check up apptment with my obgyn todas and everything was perfect.
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