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Could i have anemia or thalassemia?

Helo everyone!
Hope you all are fine!
I'm a 20y/o girl and i have been tired for some time and with a continuous terrible stomach pain and bloating. Today i went to a lab to have a bloodwork done to see it there was something wrong with my blood before having an abdominal echo. These are my results:

WBC - 6.1
RGB - 4.91
Hgb - 13.0
Hct - 36.4 (low)
MCV - 74 (low)
MCH - 26.5 (low)
MCHC - 35.7 (high)
RDW - 13.7
Plt - 214
MPV - 9.1
Pct - 0.194
PDW - 11.5

I feel tired no matter how much i sleep, i can't even stand on my feet. Everyone says that i look "yellow" (pale). Doctor said that i'm generally fine but i could have anemia or thalassemia. He also told me that those conditions cause stomach pain sometimes.
I do a bloodwork every year and this is the first year that they discovered those low/high parameters.
I have light periods and i eat my meals regularly. I'm very week and sweat a lot. Hy hands and feet stay sometimes cold.

What do you think?
Why is my Hgb normal when Hct, MCH, MCV & MCHC are not?
Thank you im advance!

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