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Does my boyfriend have bdp

My boyfriend doesn't trust me at all. He thinks I cheat on him at work, he inspects my private parts saying I must have done something, they look mangled in some days. He doesn't want me to wear perfume, I can't wear red dresses, nor lipstick, it would mean I'm available. We have been together for almost 2 years, he had cheated on me at the beginning, I have never cheated  on anyone. He goes through my purse, takes out my make-up. If I don't text him because I'm busy he say he has had vibes and I'm cheating. All my friends are ****** according to him, I can't go aga on  my own. I can't see my son alone. I try to avoid getting loud and just take off but then he thinks I'm cheating. He installed locators on my phone, that can listen to my surroundings. That's when I revolted, because I could loose my job if anyone finds out. So I just be doing something according to him. I suggested therapy but he refuses. He had Drug problems in the past, tried suicide when he was 18. boTh of us are 50 now.
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It honestly just sounds like he's abusive.
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