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What's Happening?? (not sure)

Okay, I'm a young teenager who began to develop very early (i was seven when i got my first pit hair). i'm pretty sure that i'm finished growing. i have noticed that i have a milky (well not milky but whitish-colored) dischange coming from my nipples. (i have inverted nipples, if that's important) i have also noticed that, very recently, i have begun to excessively sweat, even during winter. i googled it and there were some things saying that it could be too much prolactin or pituary problems.

Do you think this is the cause for my symptons??
Do you think it may be something else?
Is this something that I should be concerned about??
Should I go to the doctor because of this??
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Hi. You should discuss that with your family doctor, who can examine you and order a battery of hormones if needed. Then if abnormal then you can see an endocrinologist.
It could be just normal. It is hard to tell without seeing you.
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