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enlargement of the pituitary fossa and empty sella

I have been diagnosed with cervical disc herniations and lumber herniations and had a number of MRI's 5 years ago including brain scan which was normal. Just got back from seeing family doctor to go over last weeks MRI's of my neck and back. similar findings as i had 5 years ago, but new findings include, " enlargement of the pituitary fossa most suggestive of an empty sella, futher evaluation would need to be considerd." My doctor did not mention this to me during the office visit, i get home search on the web and am totally freaking out!!! called the doctor but he wont get back to me today!!!!!!   i dont know what to do, i dont understand what is wrong with me. I do not have symptoms like headaches, nausia,vomiting,...just have neck and back pain, and i have been losing my hair for some time, just thought it was part of aging..am 52. I am so frustrated that this doctor did not go over this with me. what are my next steps? thanks much
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Dear Jihigg

Having an "empty sella" does not mean your sella is empty. Your pituitary gland is there. If you dont have other symptoms, there is nothing to do. It can be a variation of normal anatomy.
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