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Asymmetry on MLO view left breast DBT mammogram

In December, i had a T1A melanoma removed on my left arm deltoid. I’m supposed to be ‘cured’ post surgery. With that history, I’ve been on edge.
45 years old and went last week for screening mammogram. I go yearly since 40. I have a history of cysts in left breast. I was called back for asymmetry in left breast on mlo view 5cm from nipple inferior breast. I have extremely dense breast.
1) I’ve read asymmetry is often a summation artifact - but could it be since I had the DBT or 3D mammogram?
2) I breathed in error during the left breast mammogram. Could movement cause asymmetry or is that usually a blur?
3) does anyone know what area of the breast is inferior 5cm from nipple on mlo view. Since it’s the side view I think it’s towards the middle of the chest or is inferior always the bottom of the breast? My cysts are in the top of breast. I’m worried about location because of the proximity to melanoma.
4) anyone else experience one view asymmetry on 3D mammogram. What was your outcome?
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Hello and welcome to the forum.  I apologize for not seeing your question sooner.  Can you please give us an update?  Very sorry to hear about your melanoma earlier and I'm sure that makes you even more fearful from this situation.  Please let me know how the follow up went.  Your initial lab report could be an error during imaging.  Here is information on breast asymmetry that is of a general nature.   https://www.healthline.com/health/breast-asymmetry  Most likely if your imaging was from just one view, it is not considered reliable.

Please let us know where the situation stands now and we wish you the best of heathy.
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