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I am a 37 year old female.  I had a mammogram done and they called me back for a spot compression mammogram and an ultrasound.  The lump is above my left nipple and pretty far back behind it.  The ultrasound didn't show anything.  My question is with the location of the lump, what kind of biopsy should I expect?
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Hi, I am not sure completely about your lump, but I know I had one off to the side around that area, the Dr had me lay on my side and he just took a needle and  pulled out the fluids and it was quick and mostly painless, I dont know if this will help but I thought I could drop a line in case.
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Hello: Tomorrow I'm going to be having a Stereotactic core needle biopsy of some calcifications that they were found in my right breast when they did a magnified imaging mamogram.
I'm of course very nervous and worried about the whole thing.
I have heard that when they order a biopsy, normaly is because they think you have cancer, is that true?
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