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Breast lump changes in size

I am 51 years old. Two days ago I found a lumpa about the size of a bb very close to the surface of my right breast near the aureola. Yesterday afternoon, I saw my family doctor. The lump was bigger and more pronounced (about the size of a pea and clearly visible with me supine)when he examined it.  I'm scheduled for a diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound next week.  This morning when I woke up, the lump was dramatically smaller and softer than yesterday.  My husband felt the lump and he agreed that it was significantly smaller this morning. Now (noon), the lump is again clearly visible, bigger, and harder.   I have been on HRT since a hysterectetomy and oopherectomy (ovaries removed)a couple of years ago, so I don't think the changes are caused by hormone fluctation.  Obviously, I'm going to go throught the diagnostic tests and probably a biopsy, but has anybody else ever had a lump that changes in size this way?
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Dear Divergirl78717:  Depending on what the lump might be, there can be changes in size and texture.  Also, depending on the position of the breast, a lump can feel different.  Without mammogram, ultrasound and examination, we cannot speculate on what this might be.
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I have had that happen also, it ended up disappearing on its own a couple days later. That was a couple years ago. In 1998 I had a lump removed around the same area, and now Im feeling the same bb type thing in the same area.
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Thank goodness somebody else has had a lump that goes up and down in size. I was beginning to think maybe I was nuts.  I guess my husband would have to be nuts too, though, because we both felt how much smaller it was this morning. I can't wait to have a biopsy or something so I can quit worrying!
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I know what you mean about worrying, that is me right now also. I always have my husband check to so I know Im not imagining things. I bet they turn out to be cyst on us.
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hi my sister is 30 and has had a lump under her armpit for over a year,she says it is very painful but refuses to go to the doctor as her biological mother died of cancer.. it is not noticable but it is under the skin and u can feel it,it is like the size of a grape..have u any suggestions of what this could be.is it a sign of breast cancer or any other medical related reasons for it..i am very concerned..she will not speak to anyone about it so i told her i would search the net for info.but all i am gettin is breast cancer related answers and i dont want to be telling her that she may ahve it..please message me bk or e-mail me please as i am very concerned my e-mail is linda_marie_hamill***@****   thank u
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Your sister should get to a breast specialist as soon as possible. Breast cancer can be cured now days. You must figure out some way of getting her there. How old is she? Does she have children? Ages? Tell her to please pleae see a doctor. It may only be a cyst. Tell her how much you love her and need her to stay around for a while.
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