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Dont understand ct scan findings


There is a 2 cm well circumscribed ovoid mass in the right adrenal gland with a ct number compatible with water and therefore this is "almost" certainly a simple cyst and not a clinically significant finding.

No findings to suggest metastatic disease


Diagnosed with BC Stage IIB Grade 3 July 2003

Is it possible that this cyst is caused and spread to my adrenal glands from my BC?? the part of the findings I dont understand is "the ct number compatible with water and ALMOST certainly a cyst?" and significant finding???
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Dear angelque, No a cyst would not be caused or spread as a result of breast cancer.  What is being said is that this doesn't look like a cancer problem it looks like a cyst (a fluid-filled structure) which is a benign (non-cancerous)finding.
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I understand that the finding say "almost certainly a cyst" but what differenciates a cyst from a tumor?? How can they tell its just a cyst without a biopsy? The reason I ask is because I have heard of too many women with bc that have had it metastisize to the adrenal glands. What are the symptoms if it is cancer and not just a cyst??

I am currently going through chemo, on my 3rd of 4 A/C then 4 Taxotere. I dont want to go through all this if it has already metastiszed and find out after that chemo was all for not. Im not doing real well with this chemo stuff and all the changes my body has gone through ie: the mutilation of the one breast, the weight gain and the hair loss, along with my whole life being turned upside down.

Is there a test I can get to make sure its just a cyst and nothing else?? What would cause a cyst on my adrenal glands if not related to my BC??? Can I just have the cyst removed or the whole adrenal gland??? PLEASE I need more info. My onco wont be back in her office till next week and I really need or would like some answers......JustMe Angel

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