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Lump under Left arm

A pea-sized lump appeared under my left arm, just above the arm pit, about 2 months ago.  The lump is now about the size of a walnut.  The skin looks discolored - a pinkish-purple color like a small bruise.  When I press on the lump it is somehat hard, and hurts when I push on it.  I haven't noticed any changes in my breasts.  Should I be worried that this is a breat cancer warning?

Your response will be very greatly appreciated.
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Dear lucik:  You should have this checked out by your doctor.  This could be many things, including infection.  But since it has been there for two months, it should be evaluated.
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I have recently found a large marble sized lump under my right arm. I am going to my doctor's as soon as possible, since ovarian cancer runs in my mom's family and a paternal aunt has breast cancer. I am afraid.
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I have had a lump in my upper right arm now for almost a year.  For a few months it would just ache and if I moved it the wrong way it would hurt like crazy.  I had it checked by a doctor after a couple of months.  I had a exray and a ultra sound done but nothing showed on the results.  My doctor did not persue any more testing and then he retired shortly after that.  The replacement doctor would not take me seriously and we got into an argument and he told me that I could not be his patient anymore.  I live in a small town and no more of the doctors are taking any patients.  I still have the lump in my arm.  It is about the size of a quarter and seems to be flat.  There is only about half of an inch in swelling in a two by two inch area.  The pain is starting to go up my arm towards the armpit.  Do think that it might be nessisary to go to the emergency department to get this checked again.
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