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Lump under arm

I have had a lump under my right arm for the past two months. Lately, it seems to have got bigger. When I press it, it hurts and moves a little. My doctor has ordered an ultrasound and MRI now; quite frankly, he seemed a little shocked. I have breast implants and was told two years ago that one of them had leaked. Could this be linked?

Thank you for your time.

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From your description, it seems to me that the lump indicates an infection in your armpit.  You  need to go see a doctor for a clinical examination of your breasts and if this lump is indeed an infection, the doctor might prescribe some antibiotics.It's probably not cancer, based on your age and the character of the lump.
If you have any other questions,may I suggest to you, to do it on your own new post by clicking on the green rectangle "Post a question" ( At the top of the page).When you ask a question on an old thread,members will be likely to overlook it,assuming you are just adding another reply to the original poster.
Please go see your doctor okay? Take care...and God Bless.
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hi.i am really worried as i just noticed a small lump under my right armpit which is extremely painfull on touch.and now itz being 4 dayz...n this  lump is still there ...i am 22 .....and would want to know whats the reason 4 dz lump..???should i go see a doc...r should wait ......
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Hi there.

If the implants indeed have a leak, and the leaking fluid is collecting or accumulating in the subcutaneous tissues, then this may present with a lump.  This leak may also be secondarily infected causing some form of swelling and pain.

The MRI and ultrasound will give us further clues about the nature of this lump, and I also would suggest a possible biopsy procedure to really be sure on what kind of lump this is.

Regards and God bless.
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