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Mole and little red bumps on breast

Hi I have a question, I have been noticing the mole on my left breast getting bigger and a few years back i all the sudden got a little raised bump on my right breast and then just a few months ago another little raised bump appeared on the side of my left breast.  I am getting a little concerned because I dont remember the mole or the bumps there when i was younger. I am 21 and have quite a few moles but have never had a problem before.  Both of my parents have lots of moles as well and am wondering if i have melonoma? or cancer or something.  I have been on birth control and have had many bad sunburns in the past.  I also have a lump in my neck that my dad says is a lyphnoid and it sometimes bothers me. and i can feel it sometimes like a hard nut in my neck or somthing or ball.  I dont know if that ties in with it but I am wondering if I should go and have it checked and what it is, and IF i should somehow get the mole removed it isnt a complete symmetric shape and it is close to my nipple.  I dont know what i should do.
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I have a few questions:

How old are you?

Are you caucasian?

Have you frequently exposed yourself to the sun eg sunbathing, swimming?

How recently have you noted this mole?

Was the mole present before and only changed its character now?

Is the mole flat or elevated? are there hairs or a wound over the mole?

Are there other discolorations in other parts of the body?

Any change in its color,size or shape?

The lumps in your breasts, are they tender or painful?

What is the size of the lumps?Are they hard, soft,fluctuant?

Are lumps at in your breast  and neck movable or fixed?

Any breast discharge?

Any history of cancer in the family?

Any unexplained weight loss or loss of appetite?

I suggest you  seek immediate consult with a medical oncologist for a full physical examination and further work up. A change in a mole's appearance requires further evaluation.Do a breast self examination and note down changes in your breasts.

Stay calm and and keep a positive attitude.

Keep us posted regarding physician's advise.

Good luck qat.
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I am caucassian and will be 21 next month. a couple semesters ago I went to tanning booth a few times I started realizing this mole about a year or so ago. I dont remember the mole being there when i was a teenager but it has probably been there for a few years now. The Mole is flat and no hairs or anything over it. The second red bump that appeared is about an inch away from it. The mole looks a little lighter color on the edges. I have other elevated moles on my back and side but cant really see whats happening with those. the mole I think i have noticed because it seems to be getting bigger to me. The red bumps are slightly elevated and look like little red moles to me. If you push on the red bumps it is a little tender they feel like a pimple or small elevated mole.The lump in my neck when it is sore i can feel it better and it feels like a little ball in there moving around and its hard. No breast discharge and no cancer in the family as far as i know and no loss of appetite. I dont feel any lumps in my breast like peas as they say to check for for brest cancer just these tiny red bumps and this mole. ANd im not sure if it is a pimple or aother red bump coming on but i am starting to get a little red pimple like thing above my right breast now. Are these just pimples or moles should i be concerned or are they just mole showing up there?
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