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PET Scan

Can anyone tell me about the PET scan? I know its a machine similiar to an MRI...?  My mom has to have one tomorrow. She is extremely claustrophobic--and not a small woman...not big overweight-but not small. On top of being terrified of the results (she has invasive lobular carcinoma..and dr is cking to see if its spread) ...shes really nervous about this scan. Is the machine completely enclosed? Very small? How long does a total scan take? Her Dr prescribed her valium...shes never had it before..is 69 yrs old...he told her to take two 5mg (pale yellow) tablets an hour before the scan. Is that a good dose? too much? Not enough?
Im just trying to be able to reassure her as much as I can about the scan...so at least she could relax about that a bit.
Anyone else out there very claustrophobic, and "made it" thru the scan?
Thank you for any info.
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I just read your reply and have to thank you too.  I'm headed for an MRI and have huge anxiety attacks.  Sometimes in the past I've actually done only 20 seconds inside that horrible thing before calling the nurse to get me out.  I only wish the doctor had ordered a CAT scan, but guess there are insurance issues.  

If you have any tips about lessening the anxiety, they would be so appreciated.  And I agree, with the worry of having cancer (my MRI is for my back), but will have x-rays for a spot on my lungs... the anxiety gets worse.  

Happy and Healthy New Year....
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Hi, I hope I'm not to late.   I also had a PET scan and I have had MRIs.   The PET is easier.   It's not as long and the enclosure is less confining.   I think the fear of more cancer is so scary.   I hope all goes well.

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