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Please help me to under Histo pathology report

Histo pathology report

Received a specimen of needle localized right breast lumpectomy measuring 12.5 X 11 X 4.5 cm with a skin ellipse measuring 1.5 cm. On serial section & subsequent mammography, of micro calcification are identified. Grossly the corresponding area revel presence of an ill define firm white. Lesion measuring 1.6 X 1 X cm. Representative sections from this areas are submitted. Over line skin & abjection breast are grossly unremarkable.

Various   cut margins are
Superior  cut margin: 2.8 cm
Inferior  cut margin: 2.2 cm
Medical   cut margin: 3.8 cm
Lateral   cut margin: 3.0 cm
Anterior  cut margin: 1.2 cm
Posterior cut margin: 1.0 cm

Away from wide area
Also received axilla 14 node are dissected. Largest measuring 1.4 cm in diameter.  Grossly unremarkable.
Apical nodes : single node dissected: 08 cm. In diameter grossly unremarkable.

Microscopic description.
Right breast lumpectomy:

= Multiple section taken from areas corresponding to mammography micro calcification show extensive cormedo pre cribiform DCIS of high nuclear grade with a small focus of infiltrating duct carcinoma, grade
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Dear shahworld:  The stage of breast cancer depends upon the measurement of the invasive (or infiltrating) breast cancer and the number and location of positive lymph nodes as well as any distant sites of metastasis.  From this report, it is not clear if the "14 reactive axillary lymph nodes" are "reactive" or positive.  

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Will be grateful if you can explain each term in detail with is effect.
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