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Unresolved Mastitis

A little over a month ago I was diagnosed with mastitis.  My youngest is 4 so I'm not breastfeeding.  I had two rounds of antibiotics that resolved all symptoms, but I still have a large area of my breast that remains hard.  It goes away almost completely with heat and massage, but ends up getting hard again.  It's not as hard as before and it seems like it is a smaller area, but it's still a large area of the breast.  My ultrasound only showed swollen tissue.   How long until the hard area will resolve?   I'm scheduled for a follow up with my surgeon next week and he says he will biopsy it it is still there.  I've tried everything to resolve it, but it keeps coming back.  Is this a normal amount of time for mastitis to resolve?
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Usually mastitis affects women who are breast feeding, but it can also occur in non-breastfeeding women as well when  
the breast becomes infected as a result of damage to the nipple, such as a cracked or sore nipple.
Sometimes Mastitis can take a long time to heal but I am glad you’ll be seeing your Surgeon soon for a follow-up, because there is a risk that the infection could lead to a breast abscess which may need to be drained surgically. Some types of tests should be considered to help determine whether you have a bacterial infection and also to identify the specific type of bacteria responsible for your condition so your Doctor can prescribe an antibiotic that is specifically effective against those bacteria.
Best wishes and hoping that this problem will be resolved soon.
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Thanks.  Currently I don't have an abscess.  Just very swollen breast tissue that is taking a VERY VERY long time to resolve.  
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You're welcome!
Please let us know how you are doing and if your Surgeon decides to perform a biopsy.
We would appreciate if could you please provide us with an update on how things are proceeding.
Thank you.
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So last week I went back and ended up having an abscess which they drained.  I'm still swollen and red so I am assuming I will need to have the procedure again.  Antibiotics are not helping the redness or swelling.  I'm completely overwhelmed by this as it's been 6 weeks.  
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Hi and thanks for the update.
If your infection persists after incision and drainage, and after taking all the antibiotics that your doctor prescribed, a wide excision of the infected area may help. Has your doctor made a culture of the infecting organism? If not, it should be done so that a proper antibiotic treatment can be focused on the offending organism.
It is also possible that your infection is caused because you have some other illness which could affect your immune system, such as diabetes? In this case, the systemic illness has to be controlled before the infection will heal properly.
I think that you should consult with a Breast Specialist or a Dermatologist for a second opinion so this problem can be resolved soon.
Take care..
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