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My mother has recently had a lumpectomy. After operation, pathologist stated that it was a low-grade intraductal carcinoma. So her physician told that it needs marginal removal and radiotherapy. After this second operation the pathologist stated following diagnosis:
(wide excision of left breast mass at upper half:
1- Post-operative state with fat necrosis and residual low grade intraductal carcinoma
2- Surgical margins are free of tumor
3- Other findings: fibrocystic changes with mild ductal epithelial hyperplasia)  
Now I am concern if it needs mastectomy because of the pathologist statement no.1
As her physician is not available not please help me with your information.
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According to the report,your mom had 2 interventions.
The first one states that the tumor was a low grade IDC and when removed,the surgeon needed to intervene again to obtain clear margins.
The second intervention was successful in obtaining it.
I don't know who suggested a mastectomy at this point,since only radiation therapy was recommended and not Chemo.This could mean that her tumor was small,no lymph nodes were involved and so far she is free of cancer when clear margins were obtained.
In my opinion,radiation and maybe some medication like Tamoxifen or other, would be the only treatment she would be needing as her Surgeon advised.
Please discuss in details with your mother's Surgeon, if a mastectomy is really necessary.Her team of doctors are the ones who can better advise her regarding this matter.
Best wishes to both your mother and you.
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Thank you for informing me and make me free of concern. Today I will meet her doctor and will send you what he will suggest for next treatment step.
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Dear Zouzi
The doctor confirmed what  you told me, it is not needed any more intervation. the next step woul be 25 session Radiotrapy and some medication which will be spcified after testing the tomur which has been remover in the first intervation inorder to be assure of the hormone.
I would like to thank you one more time.
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Hi again and you welcome!.
Thank you for letting me know...I am very glad that your mom won't need any additional surgical intervention.
I hope that her upcoming radiation therapy will be uneventful and I wish her good luck. :)
All the best to you both...
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