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breast lump and underarm tenderness

I'm 28 years old..In 2006, I was diagnosed with fibroadenoma in my left breast. The doctor decided to remove it ..A year after that, I got 8 cm ovarian cyst on my right ovary. The doctor put me on birth control and I am still taking them. On October 2008, I had a small lump in my left breast and it was painful to touch. I had an ultrasound done but they could not see it with ultrasound; however, they could feel it with touch. So, they informed me that my breast is normal and it could be from high caffeine intake.

Now, another small lump is felt next to it and the whole breast is painful including the nipple. The pain sometimes is like stabbing pain or burning pain. Each mass is about 1 cm and both are in the inner lower quadrant. My armpit and underarm fold is tender and there is pain above the collarbone, and left shoulder.  There is also a swollen lymph node under my chin on the left side and I complain from shortness of breath lately. However, the breast looks normal and there is no obvious changes compared to right breast.

I saw the doctor on Wednesday 13, 2010 and she examined my breast, and noticed that the underarm lymph nodes are swollen but she could not feel any lymph nodes above the collarbone.

She requested Prolactin test. She also requested an ultrasound to be done next Monday because I just finished my period this Sunday.
She also prescribed Azithromycin (250 mg/ every 12 hours) and Piroxicam (20 mg/ every 12 hours)

I am nervous and scared. I know breast cancer associated with underarm tenderness and swollen lymph nodes.
Do I have a breast Cancer?
Thank you
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Dear ladybroken:  In most cases, breast cancer is NOT painful.  Swollen lymph nodes may be associated with cancer but are also associated with infection and other conditions.  You are doing the right thing by letting your doctor evaluate the situation.
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I want to add that I just received the prolactin test result and it was 32.31 ng/ml. The doctor prescribed Dostinex (0.5 mg/ once a week)..Is it also an indicator to breast cancer?
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