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Breast Feeding after C-Section Pain Meds????

I am 16 weeks pregnant with twins. My Obgyn only delivers twins C-Section due to a dificult delivery he had a few years back, so I will have a C-Section. I am being told that I will be in alot of pain for the first few days to a week so I should use pain meds at that time.
How am I going to be able to breast feed on pain meds, my concern is that the babies will recieve some of the medication through my breast milk.
Can anyone here enlighten me on how this is handled?
Thanks in advance for any help!
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You will be prescribed meds that are considered safe for the baby :) Don't worry! I took percocet and motrin and there were no effects on the baby.

Congrats on the pregnancy and your decision to breastfeed!!
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I love your Medhelp name, tiredbuthappy, I think I will be feeling like that in 5 months!!! Heck I was feeling like that my entire first trimester.
Thank you for your answer, that really puts my mind at easy I will make sure my Ob knows I am going to breast feed right away.

How soon were you able to breast feed your baby in the hospital?
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I had a c section and breast fed too. I was prescribed Tylenol 3 and ibuprofen on discharge from the hospital with my newborn.
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thanks mum2beagain! I just read on google that if you r going to breast feed the dr. will perscrible Tylenol 3 or vikadin if the mom is in alot of pain. I am glad to hear there is a solution for this delema. I hope to be fine with the Tylenol 3 and not have to use the vikadin!
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Yes, i was able to breastfeed immediately. Tell your OB and the hospital that you want to BF. Normally, they take the baby to the nursery while you're being closed up. As long as the babies are healthy (i guess in your case not too early either), they can keep the babies in the OR and then they can come to recovery with you. Ideally, babies should latch on as soon as possible. With twins, that may not be possible.

My first was 4 weeks early. She was brought to the nursery while i was being closed up to make sure that everything was fine. I was very sick due to preeclampsia and HELLP, so i didn't actually try to BF until the next day. My second was a scheduled C-sec because my dr doesn't do vbac. Since the situation was not an emergency, things went smoother. They kept the baby in the OR while i was being closed. My OB told them to. The assisting surgeon was a bit of a d!ck about it, making comments about have a screaming baby in there for so long. But once i was closed up, they put the baby between my legs and wheeled her into recovery with me where we latched her immediately.

If your little ones are early, they may have trouble nursing. My first had this problem. It may be a good idea to have the name of a LC or your LLL on hand. While you are in the hospital they should be able to provide you with lactation consultants. It's great to have a good LC on standby for questions once you get home. They may also be able to give you advice in advance to increase your chances of successfully nursing twins, which IS possible despite the fact that i am sure many people will tell you is not. Also, educate yourself in advance by taking a breastfeeding class. If your little guys are early or jaundiced (jaundice is common), the hospital may want to supplement. You do NOT have to let them use a bottle with a nipple! The nurses at my hospital tried to do that but I insisted on finger feeding (with the support of the LC) which helped prevent nipple confusion or bottle preference.
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I didn't have a c-section, but was on pain meds after the delivery for other reasons.  They gave me a combo of Tramadol and arcoxia.   This worked well.  I was breastfeeding from the beginning.
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Thanks for all the info. My cousin's wife lives close by and she went into labor early, so her son was in an incubator in the NICU for 3 weeks. she made an appointment with the LC when she went to take him home from the hospital. While she was waiting for the LC she opened her shirt and opened her nursing bra. She said her son was near the breast and reached up and latched on on his own. When the LC consultant came in she said "Oh I see you've got it.'  
I am glad to hear about your situations and how you worked them out. I hope to have a manageable time of it and have even been looking at the twin nursing pillows! My husband is going to take a week off to get the babies to me to BF and my mom is going to help me the week after that and I am hoping to master simotanious nursing which is suposedly the most managable way with twins.
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The double football hold will be GREAT for you.  You can look at both babies at the same time and they will not be near your incision.  There are many medications that are safe for breastfeeding.  In most c-section cases, moms are given a massive dose of antibiotics during the procedure to cut down on the risk of infection.  Again, make sure the WHOLE staff is aware of your desire to breastfeed.  Before you go into surgery, ask for an lactation consultant to meet you in recovery.  It is essential that you are able to breastfeed your babies before 90 minutes after delivery and BEFORE they get a bath.  Once they have a bath they seem to lose the scent recognition, especially in c-section births.

side note:  I would consider getting a second opinion on the mandatory c-section.  There is NO need for a c-section if both babies are in good position.  Your recovery will be WAY longer and more uncomfortable.  There are doctors who deliver twins vaginally routinely.  If baby A is head down, they will often flip baby B after baby A is delivered.  Just something to consider.
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Just a note...I know its optimal to get to BF within an hour to 90 min after birth. However, I was a high risk c-section (heart condition), so I had to stay in recovery with an external pacemaker and monitors and stuff for about 4 hours. So I didnt' get to see my son until after I left recovery.  And he took to it just fine.  It took a little bit of doing, since he was sleepier at that point, but he's a little over 3 weeks old, and we havent' had any issues since. So, even if you don't get to see the baby right away for some reason, don't think that you wont' be able to breastfeed.  Just be persistant!
And if you do end up having the c-section, my recommendation is to get up AS SOON as you are allowed to. I was unhooked from my catheter, and anything else they would let me be unhooked from within around 12 hour, and had my baby in the room with me overnight. That way I was up and moving as much as possible. All of my nurses said they couldn't believe how well I was moving, and they attributed it to the fact that I made sure to move around. Don't overdo it, but don't just lay in bed either. It'll make it much more painful later.
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I read every one of these comments and learned something from each.I am going to let my dr and the hopsital know that I want to BF right away. I am going to look for a great double breastfeeding pillow and have that as one of the items I take to the hospital so that once I get the hang of BF each baby separately I can see how I do with both. I will make sure the my dr. and everone giving me anstesia or medication know that I am going to be breastfeeding. And I wiil have my obgyn check the position of my babies on the big day. You all have given me peice of mind and a game plan to go with! Thank you all so much. This is new to me, these twins will be my first babies!!!
Also I will move around as soon as I can!!!
Thanks Again!
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I agree with you. Move around ASAP after c section with a nurse around to support you. I did this and one day later I was taking a shower but not scrubbing near the stitches. It's tough the few days after surgery bur remind yourself your children need you. It's also great your doing research. Kudos to you. Best wishes : )
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i had a csection with little to no pain at all. The only pain i experienced was with straining, laughing, and coughing. My lower abdominal muscles were weak and sore, but otherwise i was good to go. I had pain on my skin.. from an allergic reaction i had to the adhesive tape ...

all together i was on motrin as needed... and i didn't need it too often. I breastfed from day 1 without any problems from the motrin.
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I agree w/ the above posters. The hospital isn't going to give you anything that is contraindicated to breastfeeding, and you will also be happy to know that there aren't a lot of medications that are! Most meds are safe (between L1-L3)
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