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Breast infection?

Just wondering how you would know if you had an infection in your breast?! The last 2 days I've had a bit of pain in my left breast. It's more of a dull pain that's deeper in the tissue and when he feeds it hurts a little. Not sure what's going on or what it could be. My other breast is fine. My left one is always slightly larger too so I don't know if I'd be able to tell if it was swollen. I woke up this am and was quite full and it was definitely more painful then too! Any suggestions?
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If you had an infection you would likely have a fever too. It sounds like you may have a blocked duct, especially if it is in one area of the breast. I had this happen several times, the best thing for it is to let your baby nurse as normal and try and position so baby's nose is pointing to the part of the breast that is sore, make sure your baby fully empties the breast too every time to help clear the clog and massage the breast from the sore area towards the nipple as baby feeds. All that said do keep and eye on things, if your breast starts to look red in the area that is sore, or you start to get a low grade fever then put a call in to the doc, most blocked ducts resolve themselves with nursing and/or pumping but can occasionally turn into mastitis which would require antibiotics.
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Thanks so much....I've looked into a bit more and I'm going to keep my eye on it. Do you think pumping after a feed would help too? Just in case he didn't get all of it?! I have an oversupply and this breast gets affected by it a lot. It's the only side that leaks!! So at night when I pad up..I only do it on that side! LOL Old lefty gives me troubles!!
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How are things?
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Great! Thanks for asking! I did some massage and took some tylenol for the annoying dull pain and after the weekend it was gone. It must have been the blocked duct or something. I made sure that if it felt full and I wasn't close to feeding then I pumped.
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my breast hurt so much i dont know wat to do,i did hot compress to dry out my milk but my boobs is so flinty and hard ,is there anything to do?? plz plz help.i didn't breastfeed my baby and i wanna dry it out
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Glad to hear things are coming loose! :)
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