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Breastfeeding PAIN.. please help.

Hi everyone. I just had my baby boy 12 days ago and have seen 4 people about lactation. Apparently supply and latch are good.. but my nipples hurt so bad throughtout the feeding (especialyy on beginning and end of feeding.. then they burn afterwards. What am I doing wrong, and what can I do? I'm applying purelan on my nipples afterwards, but it oesn't really seem to do anything, :( He's a big eater, so he'll stay on for like 30 min if I don't take him off... then I pay for it with the pain.
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I'm not sure where you live, but there's a great product called "Soothies" (and there are different generic forms of it) that you can put on your nipples after feeding.  Its like a gel patch, very soothing, you can even put them in the fridge for extra cooling effect.  

Could you have yeast in your nipples?  That happens sometimes. Infants normally have some yeast in their mouths (you can't see it unless there's a problem) and if your nipples are traumatized, the yeast can get in the cracks of the nipples and cause pain.

Occasionally, if there is no other reason for nipple pain and burning, a doctor might treat you with Diflucan (yeast medication) for one dose, to see if it helps.  
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I agree with Peek.  Also, for the first couple of weeks of nursing my girls, I had cracked and bleeding nipples.  The latch was fine, as was the supply.  I think that it takes a while for your nipples to get used to it.  They get chapped.  Keep applying the lanolin, and the soothies do help.  I think you should talk to your doctor if it is an actual burning sensation.  As mentioned, that can be yeast.  
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I called Gerber because they have a free lactation person on the phone and she said that since I feel discomfort even while pumping that I may have a "strong let down" and it may just be the way my body makes milk. (???)  I thought that soothies were pacifiers... am I wrong?  Is Diflucan safe to take while breastfeeding? If so, should I ask my OB/GYN to call it in for me and take it just in case? (I don't go in to see her until the 18th)
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The letdown may cause a brief burning, but the prolonged burning is concerning and as the others have mentioned, could be indicative of yeast.

I think you should get in to see your doctor before the 18th just to make sure there isn't something more serious going on and to treat it if it is yeast

My boys were all very long nursers for the first several months and mine didn't hurt like that beyond the the first week, so this isn't a normal sensation. The nipple pain should subside by now.

Good luck, keep us posted.
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No, there is a Soothie brand pacifier, but I'm talking about this:

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I was diagnosed with Raynard's phenomenon of the nipples. I hurt like crazy after DD got done eating. I took some B6 and voila! No more pain. I just continued on the B6 for a while and it eventually went away.

It may be the yeast too. Good luck!
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It is a good idea for all nursing moms to make sure you continue taking a prenatal vitamin as well.
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I went to the doctor and they said that it was Mastitis, so they put me on Dicloxicillin and said I should notice a difference within 24 hours... it's been 48 now, and I don't have any relief of symptoms. I called in to tell them that and it was a different OB/GYN on call, and she said that she doesn't think it's Mastitis because that is normally localized to one breast. She said that it might be yeast, so she called in some Diflucan.. I'm going to get it today and see if that helps. I have continued to take my prenatal vitamins.
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Yeah, I just had Mastitis and mine was just on one breast.  I only had pain in one part of my left breast, and I'm sure mine was because of a clogged milk duct.  I am still on antiobiotics until tomorrow, and the pain went away within 2 days of taking the meds.  Its a good thing you called so quickly, because I'm pretty sure the antiobiotics would only make the yeast worse!  Good luck!  Hopefully the new meds work out for you!
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I started to feel like **** yesterday (flu like symptoms), so I called this morning, and I had to go in. They took a look at me and said that they don't feel any abscess, but ordered a bilat ultrasound.. they found nothing that would cause pain. I had to convince my OB/GYN to change my antibiotic. I'm now taking Clindamycin (didn't get the Diflucan), so we'll see what happens.
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The diflucan may still come in handy as the antibiotics can often lead to yeast infections as well.

The burning in the nipples doesn't sound like mastitis, but the flu-like symptoms sure do.

I hope you feel better soon.
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well... not taking the clindamycin anymore since I was in sheer pain for 12 hours yesterday. I had HORRIBLE stomach cramps and couldn't eat anything... even went to the ER. apparently abdominal cramps are a side effect. So now.. no meds.. just toughing it out. :(
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You cannot tough out mastitis, it can turn to sepsis if left untreated. I have gone through it with each of my kids and have usually taken Cephelaxin (I believe) for it. I have issues with a few antibiotics as well, but this one wasn't too bad overall.

I think Kellymom.com has a list of commonly used antibiotics for mastitis.

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here's the thing though... one doctor has said it was mastitis, and one has not... so I kinda think no one knows. I get an initial burning pain which is probably normal... but then after I'm done feeding... I get a burning sensation in the nipple area for quite awhile that makes me want to blow on the nipples.. but it seems like cold actually makes it worse, so I just express some milk and rub it around and let it air dry. I haven't been wearing a bra unless I go out, but I just started to all the time, starting last night. For those of you that have had it.. does this SOUND like mastitis?
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It does not sound like mastitis to me.  I have had it a with 3 of my 5 kids.  When you have Mastitis, you have an infection in the breast.  It can be caused by things like if the baby isn't eating evenly off of both sides.  So, I always pump off the excess milk after feedings (or I did) as sometimes the baby would fall asleep and eat longer off of 1 side than the other.  When I had Mastitis, I would get like a red patch on my breast and then run a fever and have the flu like symptoms.  It is awful trying to take care of a newborn while having chills from running a fever!!  Yuck!!  And as others have said, an antibiotic would take care of Mastitis.
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