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Breasting feeding and period

Hi i am breast feeding as well as2-3 formular feeds per day, i still havent got my period when are you surpose to get it? my little angel was an ivf baby and is now 4 months old...  I cant concieve naturally so im not woried that i am pregnant... just want to know if anyone has gone this long before a period and if so when did it come????
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Ava is 16 weeks and I haven't had a period either. I am exclusively breastfeeding. I am happy about it though! I hate getting my af!!! I can officially say I haven't had a period in over a year!!! I hope when I do get it, it's not a bad one!!!
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i didn't get it until 4 weeks after completely weaning- so around 8 months PP
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everyone is different.. i pump during the day and bf at night and i have had 3 cycles in the past 6 months, even though i bf??? so it is so hard to say but very normal to not get it
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My son is 8 months and I still haven't got my period and I'm still nursing!
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I've been breast feeding for what seems like forever! My son is now 15mo. and I am still breast feeding. I have yet to get my period. I was told by a many women that you don't receive your period until you stop breast feeding. I don't know if thats true or it's normal.
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I'm glad to see this post!  I have a 17 month old and a 4 month old.  So I have been pregnant for 2 years lol.  I have not had AF since I gave birth to my baby girl 4 months an I have yet to have a period.  No spotting... nothing.  So I'm glad to see this is normal.  Lord knows that I'm not trying to conceive lol,
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I got my period five months post-partum and was exclusively breastfeeding at that stage. Everyone is different as you can see by the other posts. My sister got her period once she weaned her son off, others get them while breastfeeding. It's normal.
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