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Breastmilk Imbalance

Does anyone know what causes breastmilk imbalance?  My right breast is more productive, supplys more milk and looks like creamy fattening milk.  My left breast produces much less and has an almost transparent grey appearance.  Why is this?
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Guess the vagaries of nature.  My boobs tend to take turns on which one is more productive.  But the left side is always sore and seems to have a much harder time......... maybe something to do with how my daughter drinks.

Turns out she has a lip tie (this is the upper lip is tied to the gums by the piece of skin  - like a tongue tie but is the top of the mouth).  She will be having surgery on this in a few weeks - will find out when on Saturday (it will cause jaw and tooth problems if not corrected - could cause severe buck teeth, among others).  Am hoping that having this corrected will make BF more comfortable for me.
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I think my sister had what you describe as lip tie. I just did a google search of "tight upper frenulum" and found many other people who experienced the same thing.

My sister did have hers taken care of. She was around 5 years old, and it was anything but surgery. She was given a little bit of gas and the dentist (regular family dentist- not a specialist or even children's dentist) used a painless laser. No bleeding, no stiches, no pain, no recovery, no tears. My stepfather watched, my mom looked away :)
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I also suspect it's just natural variation. I imagine they have different amounts of glands and such. My boobs vary.
With my first DD, righty always made an ounce more than lefty. Then I had mastitis, and after that bout, lefty always made more than righty. This time around, for the first 3 months, righty always made an ounce more than lefty. Recently, they have been closer to even. I don't know the reason for the change.
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they don't have lazar treatment available here in Philippines, so it is minor surgery.

It will be done by a pediatric dental surgeon (it was picked up early because my adopted mother here is an orthodontist).  They will give her a mild sedative and then a local anaesthetic.  They have to remove the skin and a bit of connective tissue.  Think it will take about 5 minutes. Don't think any stitches.  Will find out on Saturday.
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The easiest and simplest answer is usually a subconscious preference on our part. You tend to nurse on the side you favor, whether the reason is that arm is stronger or because you want your dominant hand free.

I had a strange issues with absolute non-production of milk in the right side, but thankfully I trained my breast on the left to produce enough for both. Talk about lopsided!

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