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Breastmilk uses (other than food)

I posted some advice for someone yesterday about breastmilk clearing up baby acne. Then I realized a lot of pregnant mamas might not know some of the awesome benefits of breastmilk (other than a free food source!)
Here are just a few I know of (if anyone else knows more and would like to share feel free!)

A few drops of expressed milk gently massaged into a blocked tear duct can help unblock it and prevent infection

A few drops in an ear that has a minor infection can help clear it up without using antibiotics (have some on hand just in case, you don't want baby to be miserable any longer than necessary)

Breastmilk acts as nature's neosporin. A few drops on a scratch, cover it with a bandaid, and you're good to go (obviously clean the owie first)

It helps lessen the effects of diaper rash. This one is great if you're out and forgot diaper rash cream or even if you run out of cream and baby rashes before you make it to the store. Take off baby's diaper, clean his/her bum with wipes and let it air dry. Once it's dry, apply a bit of expressed milk on the rash the way you would apply cream. Put baby in a clean diaper. A couple treatments reduces redness, a full day usually wipes out the rash (at least in my experience). But it's just soothing enough on their skin that it's also a great last ditch effort if you don't have rash cream in hand.

I hope this is informative and helpful!
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Also good for chapped lips!
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Amen I can't believe I forgot that one. Yep dry skin in general.
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Oh wow. Is there anything breastmilk CANT do?? :) love it! Thank you for this, mama!
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Abosutely amazing the natural things in life are capable of :-)! Uterly fantastic!
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Breastmilk is great. :)
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Someone told me they put breastmilk in their babys hair to style it
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Thanks for the info really great never thought it could work for other things and food for the baby
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Wow thats amazing :)
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Helps relieve cradle cap (just rub into their scalp)

can relieve itch from poison ivy/oak/sumac. Dip a cotton ball into breastmilk and dab it onto the affected areas

Relieves congestion (squirt or drip a little into their stuffy nose)

Helps your sore nipples! Let them dry after a feed and then rub some milk on.

I'll post more as I find more. I'm scouring all my books!
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Wow, this is great info! Share if you find more!
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I like these  facts about breastmilk lol
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That's awesome! Thanks for sharing!
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