so i had a c-section Oct 29 and have a little girl... She is almost 2 weeks old.. I didn't get milk tell almost 3 days after birth.. I really feel like she isn't getting enough because she is hungry all the time from falling asleep and what not so i give her a bottle once in the middle of the night and then feel like crap after because i know her tummy doesn't like it the same as breast milk but i know shes full. When i pump i barely get 1 1/2 to 2 ounces!! Even though she is always on my chest it seems .I am so frustrated as to why i dont have much. I take calcium and prenatal pills.. I don't know what to do!!! someone tell me how to get my milk up or what the hell is going on here .I have 3 other kids but never breast fed, now that i am no longer working i really want to!!
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also i went to a breastfeeding nurse she said baby was latched and looked fine, she has lots of wet diapers every day but her b.m 's have gone down from every diaper to every 3 or four diapers.
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Where they concerned with her output? When she was around 1 week old, my baby had a bowel movement maybe 3 times a day max. Remember that a pump isn't as effective as a baby is at drawing out the milk, so you can't base your supply off of that. Also, a BF baby is going to naturally eat more than a baby with formula because breastmilk digests so much easier than formula. My daughter was latched to me nearly 24/7 and I never got more than 3 ounces. I still rarely do and she's 9 weeks. A quote I remember from the LLL said that in the first 6 weeks, the baby will more or less be glued to you. The important thing if you want to maintain supply is to latch baby anytime they seem hungry and to not supplement. Many mothers thing they have a low supply and often it's not the case. Try to wake her up when she's eating by tickling her feet, or wiping her with a baby wipe. Also, I was told at the start to feed her in just a diaper. This way she won't get too comfy and fall asleep as fast. (Sorry for jumping around so much)
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I am by no means an expert on this and other posters may have other information but I am pretty sure that at 2 weeks most babies are drinking only about 2 ounces.  When my son was that age (he is only 10 weeks now) - I was only pumping that much as well - heck there are days when that is all I get when pumping too!  and trust me, my boy is getting plenty to eat (he is almost 15 pounds).  You cannot really tell how much your baby is getting with each feed by pumping as the baby is more effective at getting milk from your breast than the pump. It sounds like, aside from her falling asleep at the breast, which is not unusual at her age, things are going well.  Her wet and poopy diapers seem fine.  She does not need to have a poopy diaper at each feed (just 6-8 a day).  

My son also often fell asleep while eating and therefore ate more frequently, but he outgrew that around 3-4 weeks.  I am glad that you went to a breastfeeding nurse and got confirmation that her latch is good.  Hang in there.  It does get better with time.

While your milk supply sounds fine to me (but I am no expert), if you want to work on increasing supply, Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle are helfpful herbs to take.  There is also a Mother's Milk tea.  

Good luck
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Pumping 2 ounces is good for 2 weeks, especially if you are nursing on top of it.

Newborns seem to nurse endlessly, but at 2 weeks, babies often have growth spurts making it seem even more never-ending. This is normal and common, and should fade soon. It is the baby's and nature's way of boosting your supply, so if you keep responding to her needs, your supply will grow a lot. I agree that her diapers sound fine.

Congrats on the birth of your little one! Enjoy every exhausting minute of it :)
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My little girl that will be 5 weeks on Monday has JUST started to drink more than 2 oz about a week ago.  Before that she would drink 1-2 oz per "feeding"  Although she also even with the bottle will be drinking all day!  It's annoying but that's just what babies do, with how small they are they just can't hold too much milk until they are bigger.

Pumping that much per feeding is just fine.  If you want to increase your supply try pumping right after a feeding, pump on the opposite side and/or pump both sides.  Try only one or two feedings per day then after a week or two you can start to pump more as it can take up to a week for any change in supply.

Also, unless you've breastfeed before taking 3 days to get your milk in isn't too bad!  That's about how long it took me with both my kids.
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It sounds very normal. Your baby is "feeding on demand" and it really does seem endless but she is getting your supply up for you. Breastfed babies don't always poop every day. At first, my son was pooping several times a day, but it has slowed down to once every 3-5 days.
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