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Hives! Yucks yucks yucks!!!

.I find that even though I gave birth in mid Dec last year, I am still suffering from excessive perspiration, so my body feels sweaty AND sticky all the time, even at night. Drats. It is really, really uncomfortable...    :(
Are there any mummies here still suffering from excessive perspiration despite giving birth a few months ago??? Please let me know.

Another problem I have is my hives. I have been suffering from hives since last Dec when I gave birth.
My whole body itches even though I am using calamine lotion to soothe my skin & taking chinese medicine to regulate my body. This is so so so annoying! My itch is really bothersome! My body has numerous white patches of dried calamine lotion & I am constantly trying not to scratch. I am not taking any anti-histamine as I am breastfeeding.
Anybody here suffering from persistent hives still? HELP~~~
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Hi, does anybody want to share their experience?
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I gave birth a month ago and I'm very very sweaty. I'm not sure why! But it's embarrassing!
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The sweaty thing - YES!  I spoke to the school nurse at the school I teach and she basically chalked it up to a high metabolism.  I sweat like a beast over night - it would get nasty at times.  

I wasn't so bad during the day with sweat but nights were crazy.

With hives - didn't have that.  Talk to your pediatrician's office and see if they can recommend anything. I don't know if allergy meds would help of if you an take them while nursing (I don't think so…).  Hydrocortisone cream always helps me with itches!
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