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How to stop breastfeeding?

Just to know in advance, how on earth do I stop breastfeeding? Lol! Was thinking about it last night and cringe at the engorgement I'll probably get. Chloe is a little over 10 months, EBF, and going to a year. So do I slowly wean at a year old, and then it won't engorge so bad? How do I stop night feeds/comfort feeds? That's our worst habit!
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Hi there.  Yes, stop some of the feedings.  The comfort ones first.  At this point, she's getting more and more nutrition from food so it gets to be more and more comfort.  When you are ready, start editing out feedings.  The least important ones first and then go from there.  I found that as I decreased the feedings, my milk supply got less and less so that when I was finished all together, I had no engorgement at all.  

I also made sure that I wasn't letting my son fall asleep while nursing.  That becomes a tool to them like a pacifier---  so I kept him away and put him down AFTER nursing.  

Lots of luck to you with the transition.  Peace
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I'm curious also, but what do you replace the feeding with?
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SpecialMom, Chloe is the worst for nursing to sleep, she still does 4-5 good feeds a day, I think I will try cutting back some, especially her night feeds!
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You replace the feeding with formula. :) I would start with the night feedings because that's the more comfort one. Once they  learn the night feeding you start eliminating the day ones
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You don't have to replace the feedings with formula, if you wait til 12 months like I plan to do, it's skipping straight to whole milk, I'm really against formula these days with all the recalls and never knowing exactly what's in it, so I'm staying clear of formula.
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I started weaning my son at 12 months old and was completely done at 18 months. I know 6 months seems long but it worked great for both him and I. I never had to deal with engorgement and he wasn't a basket case :)  I plan to do similar with Genevieve.  
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I think I will start at 12 months with Chloe weaning, also. I just have to somehow get her to stop comfort feeds at night, and nursing to sleep or this will be quite the process for both of us! :(
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His before bed feeding was the hardest and last to go.
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I am in the SAME situation right now. My daughter is 12 months and we've started weaning.  The mid-morning nursing (bottle when I'm at work) was the first go to).  Now we've dropped the afternoon session. I get pretty full but can make it several hours.  She doesn't sleep through the night so things are going to get pretty interesting pretty quick…!  I am not a fan of the 'cry it out' method either.
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My son just turned 13 months and I began weaning him at 11 months.  I took the advice on the wonderful ladies here in this forum and took it slow.  I simply cut out one feeding at a time. I'm down to breastfeeding literally only 1-2 times per day.  I replaced the feedings with either cow's milk or food,  depending.  It took a few tries to get him to take a sippy cup with milk in it,  but once he had it,  he had it.  (I actually added a touch of a strawberry flavor in the beginning to make him take it and simply cut it out once he was used to drinking regular milk).

It wasn't as hard as I anticipated.  And the engorgement wasn't bad at all. Cutting one feeding at a time helps your body to decrease it's production as needed.  

To stop the comfort feedings during the day,  you'll just need to change the subject,  so to speak.  When she starts to ask for it,  try distracting her with something else.  Also,  for me,  I noticed wearing shirts with a lower neck line "reminded" him if breastfeeding,  so maybe you can try to not show "too much skin" at times when your trying to wean.  

As for the night feedings,  my son doesn't fall asleep on the breast anymore.  I give him a sippy cup with milk,  hold him like a baby and he drinks till he falls asleep.  If he wakes during the night,  that's the only time I breastfeed.  But honestly,  since he started asleep with cow's milk,  he barely wakes up.  I guess it keeps him fuller (I don't produce much cause I'm 20 weeks preg. )

So good luck.  When the time comes,  I hope it goes well for you.
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