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Hydrocodone/acetaminophen while breastfeeding?

Is it okay to take this? I've been given it since I gave birth 2 days ago. Will it effect my baby?
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I doubt your doctor would tell you to take it if it was gonna effect your baby.
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I've had it every birth and when I had dental work while nursing. The Dr said so little gets to your milk that its OK to take(as long as you take as prescribed)
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It was prescribed after all my births, too. Babies seemed unaffected. The nurses encouraged me to switch to ibuprofen as soon as I was able, not so much for the baby but because it tends to help with any inflammation and also isn't as constipating. Congratulations!
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I was only ever given ibuprofen.  I agree with the others, if the doctors know you just had a baby and are nursing, they wouldn't give you anything that would harm your baby.
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Hi.. I'm wondering ( because my doc prescribed me norcos throughout my whole pregnancy) and my baby was born just fine , I'm still taking while breastfeeding and they say that's fine too .. But do any of you know if this is,really OK ?
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