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I think my milk is disappearing :/

So I've had recent complications with breast pumping. A nurse told me to take a break from pumping for a few days, so I did. I pumped again after that because my breasts had filled up and were hurting. A lot of milk came out. But now, my breast never fill up, and when I pump it's only a little bit of milk...like, it barely covers the bottom of the bottle. Am I losing my milk?? Is there a way to get it back? Because I really want to breastfeed my son
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I'm having the same problem and Idk what to do =/
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Aaww :/ Well I hope its not disappearing. I'm gonna ask a nurse...
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When you took a break from pumping, were you still breastfeeding your baby?
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If ure breast aren't getting stimulated by either babys mouth or pump then ure supply might be decreasing. They constantly need that stimulation. Try taking fenugreek or mothers tea to try n see if it helps increase it..But I would definately keep trying to pump every two hrs cz that's how much u would normally feed a baby! since ure baby can't at the moment!
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You can definitely get your production back up. Most important pump often. Like every two hours, even if nothing is coming out because the stimulation is what makes you produce milk. Drink lots of water, eat oatmeal, eat garlic, take fenugreek (three capsules 3x a day).
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My son has been in the NICU since he was born on Oct 4, so I'm not really able to breastfeed, I just use the pump and give them the milk to give to him. But thanks everyone :)
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