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My breasts always feel empty

My son is 4 weeks old and I am only breastfeeding. I used to be able to feel my milk in my breasts, know when my baby was hungry because I would get a sensation in them. Now.... Nothing. My breasts don't ever feel full, I can't feel my milk let down, and my baby seems to never be full, and he just finished his growth spurt. He is sleeping longer at night time, could this be why??

With my older 2 boys, I dried up completely at 10 weeks with my first and 6 weeks with my second. Could I be drying up as we speak??
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I would recommend going to a lactation club. most hospitals have them or at least will have information of some in you're area. they are a great support for breastfeeding moms specially if you're having concerns.
I visited one with my first son because I was worried he wasn't getting enough. they put my mind at ease by weighing him before and after nursing so I knew how much he was getting.
In the mean time make sure you are well hydrated and consuming enough calories.
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It is normal for your breasts to feel this way at this point as your body adjusts to the demand from your baby. That "full" feeling does seem to fade at this point. How is your baby? does he have plenty of wet  diapers? he should be having six wet diapers a day at least. And has he gained weight now from his birth weight?  He will be eating frequently and will act like he is never full, this settles down at about two months old. The above is a great suggestion, getting him weighed with an accurate scale before and after nursing. The scale should show he takes between 1 and 2 ounces at a good feed at this stage.
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His wet diapers has gone from 8 - 10 wet diapers (as per the 3tbsp equivalency) to 6 sometimes not so wet diapers, as well his BM have decreased from 4 a day to 1 if I'm lucky.

He is over his brith weight, but I feel as though he should have gained more than he has. We was 6lbs 5oz at birth (January 17th) and he isn't at 8lbs yet. I can't even get into my dr until March 21st.
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I posted about this same thing the other day, I don't know if you saw it or not


Also I posted something like this in my journal and got a lot of responses if you want to check that out!
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Thanks Kim. The only thing thatvmakesvme question it is Ryan's diapers being less wet and way less bowel movements along with his weight not really coming up that much.
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6 wet and 1 BM a day is normal at this stage, one thing to check is for urate chrystals. if he wasn't driking enough he would have redish stains or redish chrystals in his diaper. My son was only back to birth weight by 26 days old but was eating fine, having lots of wet diapers but was a little jaundiced. My daughter gained a little quicker but still only gained 1 1/2 lb in the first month from her birth weight. don't compare him to a formula fed baby, weight gain for breast fed babies is very different.
Is he in distress? He'd be screaming all the time if he was hungry. has he been jaundiced at all?
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He did have some jaundice at birth, nothing that was too serious for the drs to do blood work. He also has been crying and a lot more fussy as days go on. I mean, a half hour after feeding he is hungry again, and I can't get anything from my breast.
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I'd try to get to see a lactation consultant to evaluate babies feeding, to me it sounds like a growth spurt but given your history it might be worth getting it checked out. Or at least see if a local health unit can let you pop in and weigh your baby every two or three days to check weight gain.
Good luck
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Thank you for your help
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