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Pumping for Storage

I would appreciate any guidance:

I have a 3 1/2 week old who is exclusivly breastfed and gaining weight like a champ.  I have been pumping to store up for going back to work. Ive tried pumping at different times and no matter what I do I cant get more than an ounce per breast.  I pumped with my now 1 yr old and at that time I got nearly three ounces from each side ever time I pumped in addition to nursings. Im on fenugreek and blessed thistle, no real improvement and one ounce isnt going to feed my baby when I go back to work.
Note:  I currently nurse every 1-2 hours, but only for a couple minutes at a time, itis all my little guy can manage he has terrible reflux but is gaining weight very well.
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Wanted to add that I am using a Medela Pump in Style Advanced- Double Electric
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i would try  nursing from 1 side only for 2 to 3 hours, even if you are putting him back onto a breast he just fed from. That can actually help with reflux too because he'll get more hind milk. Then you pump the otherside. it only took me a couple of days for this routine to be established. after a while, both breasts starting producing enough for a feed every 2 hours.

my other thought would be to take a look at your pump. .Do the horns fit comfortably? Did you change the little white membranes recently? Does the pump feel like it has enough suction? play around with settings- it should never be high. Are you doing compressions while you pump?

FInally, cut yourself a little slack. You're only 3 weeks into this whole process! It took me weeks to build up a surplus. An ouce per breast extra at each feed is actually pretty good so early on!

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