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Stopped breastfeeding, severely engorged, will it go down???

Well i decided to stop breastfeeding, please no lectures. I gave her what she needs. But i stopped yesterday and today im severely engorged i went up like 3 cup sizes and its hard with lumps and very tender to touch. Im leaking really bad too. I know thats expected, but will the swelling go down? How long does it take to go down after stopping and when do you dry up?? Please i dont want an infection i dont know how long it takes to get one. I heard of binding but i dont want to do that can i just wear my tight bra and let it do what its going to do? Thanks...
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It does take some time.  Yes, wear a tight bra.  Take very warm showers but do not pump.  As much as it hurts you will only cause more milk to be produced.
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It does take a while to go down.  I actually had my grandmother wrap my breast very tight and that seemed to help.
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hot showers worked like a charm for me!
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I have heard that icing your breasts will cause them to restrict your flow.  Try that.  Warm showers will relieve you but also helps with let down which continues milk production.  Sorry it didn't work out for you.  Good luck!
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watch for signs and symptoms of mastitis, as that can be a problem when you stop so suddenly. Personally, I would have taken a few steps before stopping cold turkey to help my body adjust. I know some people say not to pump, but i would occasionally just to relieve some of the pain and pressure and to help prevent mastitis. I've had mastitis- you definitely don't want it!!!  Anyways, I don't know how long you breastfed, but this process will take a little longer than for women who did not nurse since it is not just your milk coming in- you probably have some kind of supply established. Don't pump long- just enough to relieve pressure. If you don't have a pump, you can manually express some milk. While it may take a little longer, this way will be less traumatic to your body and less uncomfortable for you. In between, you can try cabbage leaves in your bra. I have heard/read that this can be very helpful.

Another option, if you aren't desperate to stop immediately, would be to wean a bit more gradually. Cut down on nursing sessions every few days. You'd be surprised at how easy it can be to lose your supply, especially early on. In fact, it's a constant source of stress for some nursing mothers.
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sorry- i just saw you just had her a couple of days ago. congrats! go with what the others told you, although still watchfor signs of mastitis and read up on cabbage leaves.
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My lactition nurse told me to take cold purple cabbage leaves and put them on my breasts. And when i say cold i mean next to freezing. It's an old wives tale, but it brought me so much releif when i thought i couldn't take anymore discomfort or pain. Hope it gets better. ;o)
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Hot showers, heating pads and advil:) Good luck, I know it suxs but I always dries up in a few days. My last baby it lasted closer to a week. It will get better:)
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No judgement here, sweetheart!

I agree with tiredbuthappy about weaning. I had to stop breastfeeding my first daughter. I bought a simple, manual breastpump to gradually wean (and I let my daughter have the expressed milk in a bottle) and I never got the engorgement.

It will take longer to stop leaking but at least it won't be so painful!
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I slowly weaned my DD after 13 months and still had lumps for several months afterwards. I agree with the other comments posted. Sorry BFing didn't work for you.
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I used cabbage  leaves in my  bra and  i  can  say  they  really do  help, they smell like they  are cooking  in  your  bra from the  heat lol. My midwife got  me to  try  and  it does work.
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If you can pump or manually express just enough to relieve your pain, that will help (don't leave yourself empty because then you'll keep producing).  Warm showers help, as well as cold compresses.  I've heard not to wrap your chest, that'll make things worse.  But like others said, weaning her off will probably eliminate some of the pain.  I know as I gave my daughter less and less feedings, I became less engorged because it was gradual.
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I stopped BF my first daugher after about a week, due to complications, so my milk had only been in for a few days.  I was ENGOURGED beyond belief, but one thing that worked for me was putting a warm washcloth directly over your breast and it seemed to release just a tiny bit of milk, which gave some relief, but it wasn't enough to keep the milk coming in.  I did that all day long and it only lasted about 2-3 days, before they went down.  It took a little longer for all of the milk to dry up, but I was back to being comfortable after those 2-3 days.

Good luck!
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I had very engorged breast with my second child. I used very very cold green cabbage leaves a sports bra and ace bandage it worked great for me i was in horrible pain for almost a week. Hope this helps good luck!!
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wow thanks for all the advice. I felt so guilty for stopping like i was a bad mother but shes eating good with the formula so i feel better. I just did not like breastfeeding for some reason. Plus, it doesnt fit my schedual well. They feel better toay than yesterday i was nauseated because they were so big and couldnt move around much, they are HUGE still and hurt but better. Im beyond leaking lol i soak a pad like every 2 hours so that might be helping the pressure.  Also taking prescribed 600ml ibprofine and ice packs hurt but feel better.
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I've just stopped breast feeding my 16 month old 36 hours ago and I'm in a lot of discomfort my breast has tripled in size tried cold pack didn't really relive the pain and discomfort unfortunatly . My baby only fed from one breast in the last few months twice a day morning and bedtime I have had two nights of upset but I think he is getting used to not having mommy milk if only this pain would go so easily :( my other breast is normal size as he wouldn't fed from tht one for quite a while how do u relieve the pain and avoid infection and how long with it stay ingorged
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Use an ace bandage to bind. Its better after a couple days.
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Take diapers, soak them in water, freeze them, and bind them over your bra (it free's up your hands) . Don't express, don't pump, and don't let your boobs hit warm water in the shower (shower facing your back to the water), these all make more milk. It takes about 5-7 days for engorgement to subside (for those who have been breast feeding for a while), and your milk will be gone in about a week or so. I breast fed for a month and had severe pain because I quit cold turkey (he had a colicky - like reaction to the milk and I had to stop suddenly). Also, take ibuprophin or advil for the pain.
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I also took a hot bath when the swelling got extremely painful. Right afterwards though, I tied those frozen diapers over my bra.
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It is actually bad to wear a tight bra, which can cause clogged ducts or worse. Also do not apply heat, this will stimulate milk production. Cool cabbage leaves and advil are your best bet.
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I just stopped last night tried ice packs i heard on a different site but it didnt help any my daughter had a horrible reflux reaction to my milk and does better with formula.I also was starting to get unbearable pain while feeding. I stopped leaking as much as i was today which worries me especially with the previously mentioned pain, mastitis seems a very real possibility.
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