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Urgent Call for Human Milk Donation

If you know of anyone who is breastfeeding that may be able to help please forward this to them.  I have just finished the donor applications prior to the Haiti quake through a HMBANA bank in California. (I live in ND but the bank in CA will do shipments...I believe there is one in Colorado that will ship as well). The donor process is very easy with just a short phone survey, one forum with health questions, doctors signature for you and baby and a small blood draw. They take shipments of 100 - 200 oz and will take milk as old as 5 months.  Thanks ladies!!

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Oh believe me, I would donate if I had more to spare...I need every single drop for my baby girl!  I wish you much luck!!
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I wish I would have known this sooner.  I just got rid of over 75 bags of frozen milk in my deep freezer.
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I tried donating but I have to take baby aspirin and my milk was not acceptable!
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i can't guarantee my frozen stash is 100% pristine either. I assume that the milk is for preemies and babies with special needs, and would need those assurances. I do have a beer once in a blue moon. I am also terrified of putting DD on formula because of all of her reflux issues, so I have to admit that I'm being greedy and saving it all for my little one. However, thank you for posting this and raising awareness.
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We just going day to day right now, so I don't have any to spare.  But I will keep this in the back of my mind when he is weaned and check and see if there is still a need.  
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I have way more than enough, so I will look into this. Thanks tiredbuthappy for forwarding this to me! I will keep you all updated on my experience with this, if it works out!
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If you do find you have extra I wouldn't assume they won't accept it.  The milk is pasteurized so it's not like it goes straight from your freezer into a preemie.  They have precautions and do their own test on the milk as it's processed.  Also a beer "once in a blue moon" won't exclude you either unless you were pumping at the same time you were drinking. And even then it would just exclude "that" milk if anything.  From the questionnaire most of the things that would exclude someone pertain to their health or medications they are on.  That being said one of the requirements to donate is that you aren't putting your child or yourself at risk.  So if you get a big enough supply that you have no fears about your daughter having enough then please contact them.  Even before Haiti occurred there were major shortages and they truly need all the help they can get.  And thanks for forwarding this post around!  Think of how many babies that can be saved from even one extra donation!

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