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Vitamin D deficiency

I was told today at my 12 week check up that my vitamin D is low.  She said that is part of the reason they want ob patients to not be breastfeeding.  She said they will check it again next visit and if it's still low prescribe vitamin D capsules.  Until then I am going to drink milk while sitting in the sun all day...

Is it really from the breastfeeding during pregnancy, or is it just a pregnancy side effect?  I feel like they will say anything to have me wean.  
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So are they saying you breastfeeding is what's causing the deficiency?
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She's saying that it adds to it from the pregnancy.  
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Well I am on a vitamin d supplement too but not currently nursing but am pregnant. And I know a few people who are low in vitamin d and are not pregnant or breastfeeding and those who are both and are fine. Why would they not just give you vitamin d supplements straight away so you can continue to nurse? I was just told to buy the 1000u daily vitamin d supplement from the health food store and take one a day.
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From what I'm reading pregnant women aren't taking near enough vitamin D, even the amount in the prenatals is minute.  I think I am going to take a supplement, it can't hurt if I don't take too much.  The deficiency is a possible reason I've been so achy, so maybe it will help with that as well.

@mum2beagain...I don't know why she didn't just give them to me.  All 3 Dr.s I've seen in the practice so far have told me to wean by the end of the first trimester.  I don't have any intention of weaning her, and since she's had a high fever and likely a febrile seizure yesterday (she's had them in the past, but not since march...) there is nothing they can say that will make me change my mind.  I wish I had more of an option of practices here.
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If you don't want to wean don't let them push you into it! I bf throughout my second pregnancy & I am now tandem feeding & plan to throughout this pregnancy.
A supplement seems to be the answer here-I cant believe your doctor is trying to scare you into weaning-disgraceful behavior!
Stand by what you believe in girl!!
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That's terriblly poor advice on your obs part. I would change practices. There is no need to wean.  Many have low vit D and it has nothing to do w preg and BFing!  Supplements will help and time in the sun
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Most non-pregnant, non-nursing people I know are deficient in vitamin D this time of year.
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Exactly what fired said!
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Almost all breastfed babies are vitamin d deficient.  I give my baby 1ml of liquid vitamin d daily as suggested by my pediatrician.  You can get all the vitamin d you want/need - but it's not transferred very well through breastmilk.  
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Vitamin D3 is the safest and most effective) supplement (not D2 - which is what most doctors give).  D3 is available OTC or at health food stores.  Also get time in the mid-day sun on most or ideally every day, with as much skin exposed as possible.  Not enough to turn you pink, but should just start to have the lightest colour.

I am pregnant and taking 5000 IUI of D3 a day.  I tested my blood levels and they are only mid-range with this dosing.  You can always retest your blood after a few weeks of taking supplements to make sure your levels have improved sufficiently.

Adequate vit D is very important for healthy pregnancy.

Don't let them pressure you into stopping BF, but do address the vitamin D deficiency.
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Thank you.  I have been researching supplements and I was going to start taking 3000 IUI.  I may start with that and see where it gets me.  Unfortunately it's been cold and rainy here, so not much sun, but I have been trying to eat whatever I can that has vitamin D until I get the supplements.

My daughter had another febrile seizure (this is 4 since March) so I am even more determined to help her out however I can with whatever antibodies and immunities I can give her.
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because i live in a colder area with not enough sun, they recommend we give our baby a vitamin d supplement daily...  i usually give her 500 \ui/ml instead of a 1000 because she tends to spit alot out if given the full amount, sometimes she is given 750 ml... etc... but i also started supplement my own vitamine d as well.. hopefully i wont find out she is has a deficiency ...

the vitamin d are a pain..they smell like they taste good but if you try them they taste like poison.. my dd actually has thrown up on them many times so i usually give them right before a feeding when her stomach is empty..
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There are many different brands of D3.  I take a sublingual one from company called Michaels.  It tastes like apricot sherbet.  Just look for a brand that tastes ok.  It is also available in gelcaps, which have no taste.  have even seen it available in a spray, though i haven't tried that.
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It's actually me who is deficient.  They ran my blood for the prenatal testing.  I live in a climate that isn't winter friendly for going out in the sun, so yeah, I'm lacking the sunshine too!
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