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When do u start giving cereal?

Sorry one more question.. I have heard seveal different things about this. WHen did you guys start giving cereal and how did this affect nursing? When did you give the cereal and did they continue their regular nursing schedule with the food? This is all so new to me. I wasn't able to breastfeed my other kids so I'm not sure if it differs from formula babies. I assume it does though..

Thanks as awlays!!
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I always advise on waiting until at least 6 months, but you do not need to offer solids at all during the first year. Nutritionally they are insufficient, especially when compared to breastmilk and their introduction will interfere with supply in the long run.

I did it differently with each one of my boys. With the last one, I did not offer solids during the first year. We tried a few times to give cereal and he refused. So nursed exclusively through that first year and he was the healthiest of all my boys. He took to solids easily when I started weaning after 15 months. I essentially disproved my own advice from 5 years ago. He did not need to train on solids during that first year to get the knack of them. In fact, he is the most accepting of new foods of all the kids and he was the first to feed himself with utensils and drink from an open cup.

No matter what you choose, take it slow and wait until 6 months to minimize allergies and reactions.
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wow great advice thanks... I have never heard of anyone waiting that long and I am not ready to even think about solids yet so it's nice to know I'm not crazy!!
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If you are breastfeeding and wait until AT LEAST 6 months to introduce solids (which is a good idea, most people introduce solids way too early) you dont actually need to feed your baby cereal at all.  Rice cereal is overprocessed filler.  The only thing that it adds nutritionally is iron, and you have iron in your milk.  You can instead start with other real foods such as mashed sweet potatoes, bananas, etc.

good luck!
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