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I have mastitis and have been on oral antibiotis so finally feel better. But we had to start supplementing our newborn daughter with formula. Doctors orders as she's not quite to birth weight.
Well anyways since getting mastitis I had fever and chills for almost 3 days before going to urgent care but I noticed I'm hardly getting any milk esp from my left breast. I have not really been breastfeeding as it is too painful.
Guess my question is why such decrease in milk and can I start making more milk?
Daughter goes for weight check tm hoping she won't need formula but well see.
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you didn't say how old your baby is, but I assume she is very young.

Though it is painful you need to put your baby to your breast as much as possible both to help it recover and to stimulate milk supply.

Do as much skin to skin as possible and breastfeed her on demand - no matter how frequent that it.

Make sure you are drinking plenty of fluids.

Would advise again supplementing if it can be at all avoided.  More important is to let baby feed on demand.  In  case you really must supplement do it only after the baby has breast fed.

Weight gain (expecially in the short term) is not necessarily a good way to know if baby is getting enough.  YOu need to observe for frequent wet nappies and poop.  Baby will be calm and eyes clear and bright.

Hope this helps.
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Thank you she is two weeks today. We were only supplementing because her doctor said we needed too temporary for now. I will try again putting her on my breast and try to deal with the first initsl pain.
Thank you
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I'm dealing with same thing here. My lo is 6 weeks old so she want to be feed every two hours or less. Been tough nursing her while dealing with the fever, chill and body aches. I do notice my supply decreases a little when I pump and worry if she is getting enough. I found that the side laying position is great for nursing when you're too weak to hold the baby for a long time. My baby seem to like it too, she will latch on for 40 mins one just one side. Not sure if she get any milk toward the end but she does have plenty of wet diapers.
Maybe you can try the side laying position too, special if you can stay in bed all day to nurse.
Hope you feel better soon.
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I'm w/ Super Sally, keep baby at the breast if you can, but you may have a latch issue if it is hurting for any reason other than mastitis. This could also decrease milk and deprive baby of proper nutrients if she isn't efficiently removing the milk.

Tell us how baby is latching. Explain in the best detail you can.

"Before latch, nipple lined up w/ baby's nose... Mouth wide... gaped... ears, shoulders, and hips aligned... tummy to tummy/chest to chest/breast to chest... Head tilted back... ect."

I'm glad you posted sister. Let's figure this one out.

(The best way to avoid and "cure" mastitis is frequent milk removal)

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I do wish to actually breastfeed again. While in the hospital the lacation consultent said she had a good latch. Shortly after coming home I developed open sore on the one nipple.
The one thing I notice is when she does latch she does not get a lot of the aerola just the nipple itself not sure if that matters. Her position is good. Her alignment seems good.
I'm thinking an appt with professional is in order so I can successfully only breastfeed again
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Oh no, She need to take in most of the areole. A latch with only the nipple is super painful. Ouch!!! Unlatch her and relatch as many time as you need to. My LC told me the average latch attemp is 10 time for new mom so keep trying. My pedi said to aim for the nose so when baby latch on your nipple will be in a good position in her mouth.
Highly recommend working with a LC, my one session was such a big help, I was in tear before that. Mine make house call so it work out perfect.
Best of luck and hang in there :)
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