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period and breastfeeding

my babys 7 weeks old and is only breastfed, last night i had some light bleeding thort it was my period but it stoped its happend a few times, is this what your period is ment to be like whilst bf?
Also it worried me because im not on any birth controll as i had thrombosis while pregnant im nt ment to take hormonal birth controll, iv only had sex once since birth and stupedly did not use a comdom my partner just pulled out and iv been cramping and spotting so i was wondering the chance on conception while bf?
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Hi Angel,

at 7 weeks post delivery the bleeding can still be due to the pregnancy and your uterus contracting.  I would be pretty confident that is what it is.  I have had the same thing! And I am also breastfeeding exclusively.

While not impossible it is very unlikely to have your period during the first 6 months after having a baby if you exclusively breastfeed.

Breastfeeding does also provide protection against pregnancy while you are exclusively breastfeeding your baby and before you start her on solids.  However it is not 100% (no form of contractiption is, and there is a small chance that you could get pregnant, so better to use contraception (talk to your obe) if you really want to be 100%.

I think IUD can be good after having a baby.... or some of the bcp are ok during breastfeeding.  Or the old condom if your partner is cooperative....  

Am sure others here will chime in....
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i haven't had anything other than light spotting after my 6 week check. My baby is 8 weeks and I am breastfeeding exclusively too... I have been wondering if it is going to come soon or not...
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When I had my son, I got my period exactly 8 weeks after giving birth. I guess I'm the odd one. My mother always got hers 6 weeks after delivery! My baby was exclusively breastfed as well, he would nurse every 1 1/2 - 2 hours. And once I got my period it was pretty regular every 28 days. It could just be your still healing and are having some spotting from delivering. There is probably a low chance you are pregnant again, but it can very well happen. You could always take a test to rule that out if it eases your mind.
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