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So my baby girl is almost 3 months old and I've been exclusively breastfeeding since she's been born which has been amazing. So heres the struggle...my hubby wants to bottle feed her and for some reason I'm scared to let her have a bottle i feel like it would break my heart not to nurse her and i have fears that she will perfer the bottle over me and refuse to nurse. I want to let him bottle feed her as a valentines day gift so they can have a bonding moment. Any help or advice on how i can handle this emotionally without breaking down or regretting it?
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Is there some reason he can't bond with her in some other way than bottle feeding her?  Your concerns are valid.  Sometimes babies get to bottle feed,  and it's so much easier than breastfeeding - less work - that it does become difficult to breastfeed.

How about he go to the park and swing her in the little baby swings,  or rock her in a hammock,  or take great pics with him holding her and interacting with her,  etc?  

He'll have plenty of time in her baby hood to feed her once she's on solid foods.
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The best way is to tell him hiw you feel and that you dont want to break his heart you want him to understand
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Ha, well.  If she has never had a bottle, I wouldn't fear that she will like the bottle better.  My son who was nursed exclusively, I tried to have him have bottles here and there . . .  NOPE.  I was it.  I got to be his constant food source.  yes, I enjoyed it but boy, a bottle here and there would have been helpful.  

I guess I would not fear this.  a bottle a day or even two a day will probably not make your baby no longer wish to nurse.  

good luck hon
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I would pump and let my husband bottlefeed maybe a few times a week and it never caused any problems.  I would think that you have built up a bond with your baby that you should be fine.  Maybe earlier on it would be a problem.  Its nice for your husband to get that time if he can :)
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He always asks about it bc i pump sometimes and have around 200+ oz in the freezer its something he really wants to do and experience and i feel bad for saying no but at the same time im just scared idk its hard to explain
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We get very attached to our babies and nursing is special between mama and baby.  It's understandable to have mixed feelings about introducing something new.  It will probably be just fine though sweetie.  And if your baby is like my second son, then they will not want a bottle and just want you.  it felt flattering until I REALLY wanted my husband to do a feeding for me.  :>)  Try not to worry though.  do what you think is best.  good luck
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Wow! I would be more scared of that pumped milk going bad and not being used!!! Maybe get a bottle that is designed to continue promoting nursing like Madela has one. Babies get attched to fast flowing bottles so I'd avoid those.
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I am the same way! My husband wants to bottle feed my boy too but I just don't want him to have a bottle.  I like nursing him and I love the bonding.  My husband knows this And he understands but he always jokes whenever I go somewhere that he is going to give him a bottle.. I know he is joking though.  I just let my husband burp him and cuddle him a little more so he gets bonding too. I guess if you want too then it's your decision but I have heard that if they get a bottle then sometimes they don't take the boobie anymore.  A Bottle is much easier for them to get milk and with breast feeding they have to work at it.
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I pumped a few times for my hubby to feed her he did it a few times and it never affected my supply.. you could always pump less and let her finish off nursing..
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What a sweet daddy. I think by this age they are set on bub.. my daughter took formula on occasion but by 3 months she would starve before she took pumped or formula from a bottle. I could be totally wrong! I think unless she was getting the bottle a lot though, she's not going to switch over just once or a few times.
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At 3 months she may not take a bottle at all!  I waited about that long with my first to try to introduce bottles and she wouldn't take a bottle. Not from me or from anyone else when i wasnt even there.  I know how you feel though. It is a special bond!  At some point though it would have been nice to let daddy get up in the night and feed her or be able to go to an event and be gone for more than 2 hours. Never happened for me!   And all the breastmilk i spent hours pumping and storing were for not! Let him try it!  Do something for yourself at that time!  Take a bath or do something you like while he feeds her.
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