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What are the long turn effects of 3rd degree burns on the backs of a man's arms?  I received 1st thru 3rd degree burns over 39 % of my upper body.  This happened in 1987.  I was a Firefighter then and am now.  I have developed a lot of pain in the backs of my arms.  Some days it's hard to use them. I have a lot of weakness in them also.  I am 48 years old.  Other than this my heath is good.  My regular Doctor can not find any reason for the pain in the backof my arms.

I have heard mixed responses as far as later-in-life pain from scarring. What's the general consensus?
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The pain can be from several causes.  Commonly people have what is called neuropathic pain.  When the skin was injured, the nerves in and beneath the skin were also injured. This can create a condition called neuropathic pain and in very severe conditions, complex regional pain syndrome.    Consultation with burn specialist, pain expert, or neurologist might be helpful.  Typical pain killer are not usually helpful.  Also, occupational therapy can teach you desensitization therapy.  
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