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What televangelists do you watch on tv?

Who won't you watch?
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These are my favorites and although they are not of my religious denomination, it doesn't matter to me, because there wisdom is inspirational and I look forward to hearing them:

Dr. Charles Stanley - "In Touch Ministires"  (my very favorite)
Creflo A. Dollar
Joyce Meyer
Joel Osteen - Lakewood Church
T. D. Jakes

There is also one on Sunday mornings that talks about the end of times, but I can't remember his name. If anyone knows, just jump right in.
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I like Billy Graham
Charles Stanley
A little Joyce Meyer once in awhile but I prefer to listen to Beth Moore
I used to watch The 700 Club

I don't really care for Benny Hinn.

I actually don't see many on TV anymore since we haven't had cable for some time.
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John Hagee
Joyce Meyer
Jesse Duplantis
Benny Hinn
Jentzen Franklin
I enjoy watching these pastors here..very strong men and women of God

Joel osteen...needs to preach the Bible more
Morris Cruellio..just can't get into him
Charles stanley
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John Hagee is a very powerful speaker! I would like to know the one who is very knowledgeable about the book of revelations and end times.
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Joseph Prince is one of my favorites.

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Pastor John Hagee, Dr Charles Stanley, David Jerimiah
I don't care for Joyce Myers (sorry God forgive me) but I can't get past her yelling and all the glitz and too much me self IMHO and call me old fashion or whatever but men should be the leaders in churchs like Christ is the head of the church <3
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To be honest I don't really watch any of them. Some mix error so well with truth, it's hard to distinguish what's really correct.

But if I watch it I usually eat the watermelon and spit out the seeds.

But there are some good pastors on tv now-a-days too :D
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The only ones that preach sound doctrine in my opinion from the ones you all named are Charles Stanley and Beth Moore for women.  The prosperity gospel is false doctrine.  Sorry to be so blunt, but it's true.  
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I love Beth Moore! She's my favorite. I've done some of her Bible studies and have seen her in a couple of conferences she did when she came to my city. She has such a passion for the Lord. I have some of her books too. I highly recommend her!
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