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Place for Christian members to come and discuss what's on thier mind, if they have any needs to be discussed. Anything they want to talk about concerning the Bible. or this world today
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This id very hard for me to do. It is never easy For me to apologize and especially on such a large level. I will not blame anyone for ...
I feel so bad, and don't understand what is going on. I feel ugly on the inside, because lately I've been feeling like I have so much irr...
Please keep my family in your prayers, especially my mom. She's been going through cancer and is almost finished with her chemo treatment...
Isaiah 54:17; No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment Thou shalt c...
“Soul sleep” is a belief that after a person dies, his/her soul “sleeps” until the resurrection and final judgment. The concept of “soul ...
Can you all really pray for me...I am going through a tough time right now....struggling w a lot of stress, anxiety, and anger. Can you j...
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