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Did I expose someone?

Covid positive and currently on day 8 since first symptoms. Basically fine today. Drove with family to get Covid test but center was closed. On way home attempted to pickup food at what we thought would be contactless, but was actually a drive thru. Kids were screaming and I wasn’t thinking and grabbed food from employee in a 10 second interaction. Both of us were masked. Now I feel I really bad that I may have passed this on.
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I'm just adding the Australian story into the mix on info to think about, we over here in oz actually have heavy contact tracing that rings around at least 5 layers of possible exposure connections, and every persons location and time of exposure during infected period are recorded as tear 1, tear 2 etc so that every potentially infected person can be in 2 weeks isolation asap.

We even know which geonome strain a positive is connected to, creating important traceable links to connect areas of communities that may need additional help through education, language, econnomics etc etc We are even doing suerage testing and notifiying communities when its picked up in their community, hot spots are updated daily.

Each state/teritorie has a daily update of all covid information down to as minute detail as possible, including deaths, no individual is identified eg 1 male died of covid today - age 20 -  underlying health issues - unvaccinated - west sydney

Our states and territories are all in various lock downs and stay at home order so our communities are living under state of emergency restrictions, boarder crossing permits and curfews to limit the chances of community exposures but we have had protests from the anti groups, small numbers joining forcess to become bigger and these people are typically unapologetic spreaders.  We are talking about covid becoming a disease of the unvaccinated, and unfortunately our most vunerable are with the anti what ever polulous who are most at risk of death or serious complications that impact the remainder of their lives.

Delta is a game changer, we have people who passed on the street, both wearing masks, both social distancing, no close contact or no connection other than being in the same post code / area code / state on the same day at a similar time frame. ventilation is an identified issue with Delta so we are discovering this as another potential super spreader to focus on, schools are currently looking into ventilation options to limit spreading...every positive person by the time they find out has so far infected their entire household, the majority are following all the rules but remember the masks come off when you walk through the door.

My state of victoria has beat Delta back to zero cases twice now but not this wave its too late,  we are having to accept another states 'live with covid and vaccinate out of trouble' policy has and will impacted ours eg Victoria =  223 positive 0 dealths / Sydney = 1480 positive and 9 deaths and 85% of possitive cases are aged under 50

I just found out i was at a listed tear 1 hot spot on the day a covid positive was, even had one of our most at risk family members with me and they've hardly been out of the house, thankfully we were there 2 hours prior so we've not been exposed but it was way too close. Every single person that was in the shop at the time frame of exposure, plus their entire household, plus their work place etc etc are now isolating under our quarateen laws so 1 infected person can put a few thousand into isolation and testing for 2 weeks.....we definitely dont have masks or 10 second rules over here, if you were at that exposure site in the time frame, you are likely to test positive in the next 2 weeks, even on day 13

food for thought..........JJ

sorry about spelling vision issues
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Australia has had a different experience, that's for sure.  As an island, you are more easily cut off from others coming in, but the mistake made there was not vaccinating.  You were quite late to that game and are now trying to play catch-up at a time when so many are just tired of the whole thing.  The countries that did the best early on didn't vaccinate, and are now suffering the consequences.  The delta variant is a good example.  India was pretty harsh in its shutdown originally but tired of it and the harm to the economy and so they opened up with a population that is so poor they can't really isolate.  If most of them don't work, they don't eat.  So when covid came around the 2d time, it killed them, nothing was done about it quickly enough, and the delta variant was born.  
You have no idea how detremental our governments political ideology has been in delaying our countries vaccination roll out, staying away from the topic as much as i can though....initially we were being told its not a race  and we've got it all worked out, and when the people went nuts about the delays started pointing away from their purchasing mistakes and blaming each state leader for not pushing their vaccination roll out when they'd not even been given enough and sometimes not even given any yet lol kind of like find the good old ostrage with its head in the sand game ;D

The biggest problem im thinking that will hit man kind, is going to be the next strain that's even worse than Delta.
Me too.  I worry about that.  I'm in the US, and we did a much worse job of it than Australia and gave the world a couple of variants as well.  Australia is a sad case, though, because as a very wealthy nation it didn't have any barrier to getting plenty of vaccine.  Sorry this happened to you folks.  Peace.
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No, you didn't expose anyone. The masks and the ten-second contact were both protective.
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Well, you might have, but probably not the person at the take-out.  It also depends on the type of mask you were wearing.  If it was an N95 mask, you're good, but if it was a cloth mask, that's not as good now as it was before delta.  But you were also with your family and you are obviously not isolating, which is what you should be doing, and if you've infected anyone who might be asymptomatic they could have infected someone else.  So yeah, you could have as you're not isolating.
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Hello, from what we have been told , in order to actually catch the virus you need to have been with the person for at least 15mins, or if you have had the infection on your hands and then someone else takes something off you and doesn’t proceed to sanitise or wash their hands  afterwards. My country right now is going through the pandemic while every other countries have seen the worse , we are currently seening it now. I’m yet to get vaccinated as I have heard so much misinformation regarding the mRNA, and my depression Ann’s anxiety has stopped me from getting the vaccine, can I please ask if your symptoms to covid were really bad? We currently have the delta strain here circulating, and also have you had the vaccine.
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The hand washing is a good thing to do, but it's not really how the virus is passed.  It's passed by breathing it in from someone who is infected.  If you've heard misinformation about the vaccine and you know it's misinformation, why are you listening to it?  Also, don't know what country you're in, you don't say, so it's possible the vaccines available in your country might not even be the mRNA vaccines.  There are only two of them out at the moment, the Moderna and the Pfizer.  Most countries aren't getting a lot of access to those and are using other vaccines that aren't mRNA vaccines.  My advice?  Lots of things you do in life make you nervous but you do them.  Don't let the crazies get to you.  Folks are using this to cause mayhem.  Get the vaccine.  Peace.
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