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Complex cyst & Endometrium & Myometrium Heterogeneuos

Can some please explain to me what all these means..
I went in for this ultrasound & have a biopsy scheduled for a possible endometrium polyp that was found 3 years ago while under going a work up for a complete pelvic floor prolapse. I lost my insurance  back then and just got insurance recently and was starting my work for repair. My ultrasound 3 yrs ago only showed the possible polyp. I am 36 year old I have a family history of female cancers.


Uterus is 9.3 cm in length x 4.3 cm transverse. The Edometrium measures appx. 1.2 cm in thickness. This should be more accurately evaluated and measured on the endovaginal images. No discrete myometrial abnormality was demonstrated on the transabdominal images.

The right ovary was normal in size. The is a cystic structure present measuring appx 2.2 cm

Left ovary not seen


The endometrium measures appx. 1.1 cm in thickness. There is some heterogeneous internal echotexture. No asymmetric vascularity is seen. There is a mild heterogeneous echotexture to the myometrium and scattered vascularity., but no discrete mass is identified. The cervix has a few nabothain cysts.

The right ovary is 2.5 x2.7x2.5 cm. There is a 1.5 x1.8 x1.8 cm cyst. it has slightly thicken walls and some rim vascularity. No definite internal vascularity is seen.

Left ovary is not seen.

There is a tiny amount of free fluid within the pelvis.

1. The endometrium is 1.1 cm in thickness. It has heterogeneous internal echotexture with no discrete mass identified.
2. The myometrium is also heterogeneous in appearance without a discrete fibroid identified.
3. A 1.8 cm right ovarian cyst is slightly complex with thick walls and mild rim enhancement. No internal septations or asymmetric nodularity is seen.
4. The left ovary was not seen by either transabdominal or endovaginal imaging.
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There is no specific feature of cancer in the ultrasound report you have mentioned.
However, there are some findings that require further workup. For example, on transabdominal scan, there is a "cystic structure" approx 2.2 cm in size. On vaginal scan, this was found to be a right ovarian cyst, with some complex shadows. This needs investigation.
Given your family history, I would recommend that you see your gynecologist for a discussion about CT scanning and CA125 measurement.
The CT scan will also better define the myometrium, which on ultrasound shows some heterogenity.
All the best, and God Bless!
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