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Hoarseness as Possible Throat Cancer

Hello.  My husband is 63 years old and in good health.  He had kidney cancer 8 years ago and has had a clean bill of health ever since.  The cancer was caught early and no need for chemo or radiation.  He has kept up with his regular check-ups.  About 4 weeks ago he noticed that his voice was starting to become hoarse as the day would wear on.  It was so slight - I didn't even notice it.  He went to our Internist who thinks it is most likely allergies, but said it could also be something environmental (we live in Houston) or even throat cancer.  That "C" word shocked us both.  At present he has been on allergy meds for the last 4 days.  He does not have a sore throat, trouble swallowing, or any blood being coughed up.  He is in sales and talks non-stop each day.  I have 2 questions:  first - what is the chance that this could be cancer given that he has no other symptoms and, secondly, if it is are we wasting precious time trying to rule out allergies?  We've been through the cancer scare before and believe checking that out first is best for the patient so that time isn't wasted in treating it.  Your thoughts?  Thanks so much...Gaye
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Hi Gaye,
Based on his only symptom - hoarse voice after talking for a long time - there is no specific reason to suspect cancer. Since his voice returns to normal in the mornings, it is unlikley that he has cancer.
Neither throat (larynx) cancer, nor kidney cancer recurrence typically present this way.
Please seek an appointment with an ENT surgeon for a laryngoscopy. Also, be under regular follow-up with your urologist.
Good Luck, and God Bless!
Dr Saini
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