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Immunoglobulin Free Light Chains Kappa and Lambda what it means?

I did Bence jones protein test and it writed Immunoglobulin Free Light Chains Kappa and Lambda is this bad?
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Hello and welcome to MedHelp's forums.  We are glad you are here and appreciate your question.  When you have a report from a test you have taken, follow up should always occur with your doctor to understand the results.  This appears to be a snippet of what your report said.  We would hate to misinterpret that for you.  So, please do speak to your doctor and tell us what they say.  Then we will what to try to help you with next.

The numbers are important. For example, free light chains are antibodies found in urine but the number of them is what tells the story of what is going on and used to help diagnose.  Are they suspecting myeloma.

Here is an overview that might help you https://www.webmd.com/cancer/multiple-myeloma/multiple-myeloma-tests#1

Please let us know what you follow up with your doctor.  We wish you the best of health.

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Į asked my home doctor about it būt she said isnt on her competence she didnt knew which kind of test is that and for what..my urine test arent that good there erythrocytes and ketones vitamin d iš bellow normal like 2'4 she said normal should be 30 į think also i had kidney stones last year my kg decressing į started get egzema and allergy runny nose always feel tired and including knee pains..can i do that test how many amount of antibodies in private hospitals?or just when person hospitalized?cos in bence Jones protein urine test didnt writed how many are they..
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That's a little confusing. Who ordered the lab work done? This is normal to have in a protein test but it is the number that provides insight.  This sounds like you may be just seeing it in a report but not that it was flagged to be checked or out of the ordinary, correct?
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I will explain bit more details about my urine tests at this moment glucose normal <0 protein in urine (PRO) negative  0,0-0,0 ketone (KET) 0,5 normal should be 0,0-0,0 blood(BLD) 50 normal should be 0-0 other tests are normal..also I had kindey stones last year with these results my main doctor suspect again kindey stones but if I had them now I would feel any pain ..but right now I feel pain in knees and legs..
I can't walk long or stand long because knees starting ach if I do bigger phsychal actions like running standing or walking longer when I sit again I feel releaf and pain calms down  it's ruining my life ..tho hematalog did fully blood test at hospital that day but for some reason he left in hospital base computer results but didn't gave me paper of it just only about kindey stones and I have to drink 2l per day water I might do melogram test to see how many plazma cells I have in my body..but I heard it's pain full test ..:(
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This situation is best to be supervised by the doctor that did the test.  I would not try to do more tests than they recommend.  You are saying you now have kidney stones again diagnosed?  Always feel free to ask these same questions of the doctor at the hospital that you were working with.
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Not yet but they suspecting kindney stones it due my urine test my doctor doesn't see any abormal blood tests yet so she can't suspect this cancer to send me to hematalog yet I started feel skull pain already...it's weird when I drink vitamin D3 I start feel more pain in bones..
My doctors are bad in my city like reumatalog said I'm to young to have osteoporosis I tried explain wat hematalog told me that can cost due myeloma even at young age..she just said I'm to young to have osteoporosis and it's diff deasese to bone narrow cancer or blood cancer nothing to relited to c
Cancer .they doesn't even know about Bence jence test for what is that..every day is important for me .sorry if I sounds depressed....it's normal if I have cancer...cos it also case depression..plus I have no idea why I have blood in unrine that much..
You are outside the demographic for osteoporosis meaning you are generally not the typical patient that would suffer that.  But that isn't to say one hundred percent you wouldn't.  This is difficult if finding physicians to adequately treat and diagnose you are not available. Do  you have any other options in that regard?  One thing you will want to make sure of is that anxiety is not feeding this though. Cancer frightens everyone and creates a lot of health anxiety.  I do understand though that you would like to sort this out to make sure.  Kidney stones could cause the blood.
My only one option right now to do melogram test in private hospital..to see how many plazma cells į do have so į can show that to my doctor to suspect it pain iš wat case me aniexy how į need ready for melogram iš it painfully..?
Į have vizitation at 15th to urolog  if they hospitalized me for kindney stones again they will do fully blood and urine diffucult Tests like before after surgery maybe before į did offend doctor hematolog when he told me about blood cancer į have and didnt believe him cos į havent feel ant simptoms . į heard that u may offend doctor if u dont believe his diagnoze ..maybe thats why he didnt gave Me papers of Tests results..?
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I am very familiar with those terms, I was diagnosed with MGUS, Monoclonalgammopathy of Undetermined Significance, which they tell me has now progressed to Smoldering Myeloma.  I keep telling my oncologist that I am not going to progress further, and he keeps telling me is a matter of when, not if.  I also have Osteoporosis at age 59, so I guess my advise would be to keep in contact with oncologist and rheumatologist, because they are doctors of internal medicine, and have more knowledge in these directions.
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Not easy contact oncologic here u need have send paper from your main doctor..my city are small we dont have hematologist here..since my blood Tests are good only destist said im bleeding morė than normal būt blood Tests are good thsy strange...
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