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Pancreatic Cancer question

female, age 59 rapid weight loss, 35 pounds in 6 months and wasnt heavy to start with so I now look awful, bloating, gas, GI issues, CA19-9 came back at a level of 55 indicative of cancer. Dr doing more tests next week which will determine if I have to travel for treatment. I have all symptoms EXCEPT jaundice.  Ideas..thoughts... anything please.  
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Travel to where?
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A bit late as I've been offline more than on the past few months.

I am a pancreatic cancer survivor, was diagnosed on 14 May 2015, surgery followed 19 days later, and I did have follow up chemo. My main symptom was acute, mostly painless jaundice, accompanied by dark urine, pale stools, fevers, weight loss, fatigue...

My diagnosis was a well defined Stage IB adenocarcinoma, which was confined to the tissue of the head of the pancreas. My primary doctor got me into the UMD med center in Baltimore.

I hope this reply finds you with a similar early diagnosis, which was followed by effective treatment as I had.
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Hello and welcome to the forum!  We're really sorry you have to ask this question as I'm sure it is very distressing.  I see your CA19-9 is elevated above the normal range of 37 and under.  Please speak to your doctor. While this is something to take seriously, please know that an elevated CA19-9 does not definitely mean cancer. I'm very sorry for a delayed response to your concern and am wondering if there is any follow up. We a member that is in remission that could be nice to talk to about this issue.  I will send him a message.  Please let us know any updates.  
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My wife had exactly same symptoms.  Within 2 weeks of diagnosis had resection of most of pancreas and now chemo weekly.  Lack of jaundice is good sign as may mean that cancer has not spread to liver. CA 19-9 has fluctuated from as low as 35 to up to 339.  Goes up during break in chemo and then down again on recommence. Btw here in uk it cost free thank god
Cost free is always good but especially a cancer batte.  How is your wife doing with her chemo treatment?
I had acute jaundice, but no liver involvement. Mine was due to the tumor pressing against, but not infiltrating, the bile duct.
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